Russian measuring instruments and ATE systems in open standards
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New Generation of Ground Automated Control System
Bench tests
The bench testing system combines a set of software and hardware for the simultaneous registration, synchroniz...
ORION-1 automated testing of radio stations
Russian automated test equipment for testing electronic equipment.
Specialized Software
Automated ATE
A set of ready-made modular devices with open architecture and software for creating ATE system by the Custome...
Power supply system simulators
Providing ground testing, conducting autonomous tests, preliminary tests, comprehensive, as well as acceptance...
Aircraft power plant simulator TEST-MSU
Flexible, adjustable simulator systems that allow you to fully implement the functionality for issuing control...
Transceiver testing equipment
Checking the operability of the transmitting and receiving equipment, as well as control systems via a wireles...
Cable testers series TEST-9110
Automated high-voltage cable test system.
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Informtest Holding is the largest Russian manufacturer of measuring and telemetry systems in open international standards PXIe, AXIe, LXI and VXI
since 1996 specializes in the development, manufacture, integration and maintenance of various control and measuring equipment, installation quality control systems and functional control systems for onboard complexes for the aerospace industry, including the development and delivery of software.
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