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The MTD32 is designed to measure instantaneous current values over 32 channels.

MTD32 mezzanine performs measurements in the following modes:   

  • “Once” - a single measurement of the sequence of channels specified by the user is performed;
  • “Block” - measurements are performed until a predetermined number of samples (results) of channel sequences specified by the user are received;
  • “Continuous” - measurements are performed according to a user-defined sequence in a continuous cycle until a stop command is received.
Number of measuring channels 32 Measurement ranges of instantaneous current values:
  • 0 to 20 mA;
  • 0 to 5 mA.
Limits of permissible basic relative measurement error of instantaneous current values at the minimum sampling period and at ambient temperature + (20 ± 2) °С,%:
  • ±[0,03 + 0,015(Iм/Ix - 1)] for a range 0 to 20 mA;
  • ±[0,04 + 0,015(Iм/Ix - 1)] for a range 0 до 5 mA,
where  Iм – the value of the upper limit of the range, Iх – the measured value.
Limits of permissible additional relative measurement error of instantaneous current values with a minimum sampling period,% ± 0.002 × T, where T is the deviation of the ambient temperature from 18 ºС (for the temperature range from 5 to 18 ºС) or from 22 ºС (for the interval temperatures from 22 to 40 ºС)
The maximum permissible current value on the mezzanine measuring shunts is not more than 30 mA The period for obtaining the measurement results is set the same for all channels participating in the measurements, in the range from 302 μs to 16.777214 in increments of 1 μs
Measuring shunt resistance 240.0 ± 0.1 Ohm The mezzanine measuring chains are galvanically isolated from the housing. Galvanic isolation voltage of at least 150 V. Resistance of galvanic isolation of at least 20 MOhm