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Item article:
MPS2 is installed on the mezzanines carrier - module NM and connects to it via local information bus. On module NM can be established up to four mezzanines of various types. Module NM together with installed on it mezzanines forms the module of VXI size C-1 and is used for creation of information measuring VXI-systems.
Four mezzanines MPS2 installed on module NM form 8 channel former.
MPS2 forms active resistance to a direct current on two channels, and also connects to them sources of a direct current.
Outputs of MPS2 are connected to aids of measurement through contacts of the relay. It allows to isolate galvanically MPS2 from object of the control without disconnection of cables and removing of MPS2 supply voltage.
Channels of MPS2 are galvanically isolated from each other, and also from supply voltage of module NM.
Program check of operability of mezzanine is carried out at the measuring circuits connected to its inputs, without changing a state of external circuits.
Forming channels have a galvanic isolation from control circuits, power supply circuits and general circuits of VXI bus, and also from each other.
Number of forming channels, 2 Automatic program calibration and checking by means of multimeters
Ranges of generation of resistance to a direct current of each channel:
  • From 10 up to 100 Ohm
  • From 100 up to 400 Ohm
  • From 400 up to 600 Ohm
  • From 600 up to 1000 Ohm
Step of settling of resistance, not more:
  • 0,1 Ohm in ranges from 10 up to 100 Ohm and from 100 up to 400 Ohm
  • 0,2 Ohm in a range from 400 up to 600 Ohm
  • 0,5 Ohm in a range from 600 up to 1000 Ohm
Limits of an admitted relative error of settling of resistance, not more:
  • (0,05+0,05 (Rm/Rx)) % in a range from 10 up to 100 Ohm
  • (0,06+0,01 (Rm/Rx)) % in other ranges
where Rm - the top border of a range, Rx - settled value.
Range of settling of the direct current which is goes up through generated resistance independent for each channel: from 0,1 up to 3,0 мА
Step of settling of a direct current, not more than 10 мкА
Limits of an admitted absolute error of settling of a direct current: 10 мкА The maximal power, dissipated on resistance of each channel, not more than 20 mW
Time of connection of the generated resistance to contacts of output connector, not more than 10 ms Voltage of breakdown of electric isolation between the measuring channel and control circuits, not less than 150 V
Resistance of a galvanic isolation, not less than 20 MOhm