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The MCI mezzanine module is used to collect information from temperature sensors with digital outputs DS18B20, DS18S20, DS1920, DS1822, DS1825, DS28EA00, as well as for any sensors with digital outputs via 1-Wire or I2C interface.

The mezzanine is designed to work on 4 channels with arbitrary digital devices via 1-Wire and I2C interfaces.

The MCI mezzanine is installed on the mezzanine carrier - NM module or MEZABOX and connected to them via a local information highway.

The mezzanine can work with arbitrary digital devices via the 1-Wire or I2C interface using the following procedures:

  • Initialization;
  • Writing an arbitrary data byte;
  • Reading an arbitrary data byte;
  • Search for identification codes of devices present on the line.

Special procedures can be used to work with 1-Wire digital thermometers (DS18B20, DS18S20, DS1920, DS1822, DS1825, DS28EA00):

  • temperature conversion and obtaining the result;
  • setting the bit depth of the conversion.

The mezzanine can with a user-defined period perform a pre-programmed sequence of procedures with the transfer of data to the memory of the mezzanine carrier. In particular, a program of periodic polling of digital thermometers via the 1-Wire line has been implemented.

Each channel has a software switchable supply voltage.

Each channel can provide power to digital devices with currents up to 100 mA via a separate power line, or as spurious power (for 1-Wire devices) via a data line.

Each channel has an additional bi-directional line that can be used for user purposes, as well as for administering the work of two different MCI mezzanines on the same data line.

Number of channels
Channel voltage
3.3 V or 5 V (software switchable)
Permissible current supply of external devices on the channel
100 mA
Period of execution of the cyclic survey program
1 ms to 65.535 s in 1 ms steps