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Modular measuring instruments and ATE systems
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MN8I mezzanine is designed for measuring instantaneous voltage values ​​through eight differential channels isolated from each other.

The mezzanine takes measurements in the following modes:

  • "Single" - a single measurement is performed on all channels;
  • “Block” - measurements are performed until a predetermined number of samples (results) is received on all channels;
  • “Continuous” - measurements are performed on all channels in a continuous cycle until a stop command is received

The input lines of the measuring channels provide the ability to program-controlled connection and disconnection of the control object.

Checking the main technical characteristics in self-monitoring mode.

Number of measuring channels 8

Measurement ranges of instantaneous voltage values, maximum allowable input voltage


Measuring range

Maximum allowable input voltage


-50 from +50 V

no less - 75 V,

no more +75 V


-10 from +10 V

no less - 35 V,

no more +35 V


-0,1 from +0,1 V

no less - 35 V,

no more +35 V

The limits of permissible basic relative error of voltage measurements for all measurement ranges with a minimum sampling period (obtaining measurement results) and at ambient temperature + (20 ± 2) ºС

±[0,025 + 0,025(Um/Ux - 1)], %

where Um is the value of the upper limit of the range, Ux is the measured value.

Limits of permissible additional relative error in measuring voltage values with a minimum sampling period for all measurement ranges,%:

± 0,002 T,

where T is the deviation of the ambient temperature from a value of 18 ºС (for the temperature range from 5 to 18 ºС) or from a value of 22 ºС (for the temperature range from 22 to 40 ºС).

The sampling period is set the same for all channels in the ranges:

  • from 5 μs to 82 ms in increments of no more than 5 μs;

  • from 82 ms to 1 in increments of not more than 100 μs

Hardware averaging of voltage measurement results. The number of averages from 1 to 16383 in increments of 1

The bandwidth of the measuring channels at the level of minus 3 dB and with a minimum sampling period, kHz:

  • (2,1 ± 0,3) for the execution of FTKS.468266.023;

  • (16 ± 2) for the execution of FTKS.468266.023-01;

  • (13 ± 2) for the execution of FTKS.468266.023-02.

The input impedance of the measuring channel is not less than 1 MOhm

The measuring circuits are galvanically isolated from the housing. The electrical strength of the isolation of the galvanic isolation is not less than 200 V. The insulation resistance of the galvanic isolation of not less than 20 MOhm

In the off state, all the input lines of the mezzanine are galvanically isolated from each other. Dielectric isolation dielectric strength not less than 150 V. Galvanic isolation insulation resistance not less than 20 MOhm