Holding «Informtest»
124482, Moscow, Zelenograd, Savelkinsky pr-d, 4, 6 floor

Company Profile

Informtest Holding is engaged in the development, manufacture and supply to consumers of specialized systems for functional control and verification of complex airborne systems, mainly for space and aviation purposes, built using open standard technology VXI, LXI, AXIe. In addition, sets of VXI, AXIe and LXI modules and individual devices, VXI and AXIe chassis, controllers and embedded computers, LXI devices, mezzanine measuring instruments and software are sold.
Informtest Holding currently produces:
VXI standard:
- 52 types of VXI modules, 2 types of VXI carriers for mezzanine modules, 6 types of VXI chassis, 2 types of controllers, 2 types of embedded computers, 52 types of mezzanine meters.
AXIe standard:
- 11 types of AXIe modules, 3 types of controllers, 3 types of AXIe carriers for mezzanine modules, 6 types of AXIe chassis, 52 types of mezzanine modules.
LXI standard:
- 3 types of power supplies, 3 types of media for mezzanine modules, 4 types of specialized units, 52 types of mezzanine modules.

The first and most important area of activity is the development, manufacture and supply of functional control systems for space and aviation equipment . These are control systems for on-board units and assemblies, autonomous control systems for CIS and on-board computers, and spacecraft assembly verification systems. Testing software for these systems is usually written by the consumers themselves. However, for many systems, the Informtest holding company also supplies top-level software. Between 2000 and 2019, more than 150 systems for this purpose were supplied to consumers.

Development, manufacture and supply of telemetry systems for bench tests of space and aviation equipment. The telemetry systems supplied by the Informtest holding are built on a modular basis using mezzanine technology of “synthetic tools” (meters, 48 types, are made in the mezzanine version and are installed on media in VXI, LXI, AXIe standards).

Supply to consumers of modular serial cable network control systems of the TEST-9110 "Flight" series in various modifications from portable to stationary. Between 2006 and 2019, more than 300 TEST-9110 products were sold. This system is the best-selling of all Informtest holding products.

Development and supply of modular control systems for microwave devices and components . This direction is new in our activity and started in 2009. By the end of 2018, a whole family of VXI, LXI and AXIe modules and mezzanine meters for testing microwave devices has already been developed. These are switches up to 26.5 GHz, spectrum analyzer up to 10 GHz, Upconverter up to 10 GHz, Downconverter up to 10 GHz, rubidium frequency standard, VXI switch up to 18 GHz, AXIe transceiver, switch up to 4 GHz, network analyzer up to 6 GHz, etc.

Development of custom modules according to the technical specifications of the customer. From 2000 to 2019, more than 50 types of custom modules and mezzanines were developed. Often these are specialized interfaces or special modules . This approach allows the consumer to significantly reduce the cost of their system in which the ordered part and the standard part are allocated and the development of only the custom part is paid. Such R&D works are quick and much cheaper than new developments from scratch.

Distribution Activities . Informtest Holding is a distributor of several American high-tech companies whose products are supplied separately or used as part of our systems. This cooperation lasts a long time and is constantly expanding.

Also, since 2014, our own distributors have appeared in our country, who actively offer our products in the Russian market and abroad. By 2019, we have 5 own distributors.

The most important element of all control systems is the software for various purposes . Informtest Holding supplies several specialized software systems that work with our systems. This software "AFK-9110" for TEST-9110, "QtRegistrar" for registration and control systems, software "CAT" for functional control systems TEST-BA, software "Spectrum Analyzer", software "Virtual Laboratory". New software packages run under Windows and AstraLinux. All devices from the Informtest holding have VXI plug & play open source drivers, which are available to consumers in accordance with the requirements of open standards.

The use of open technology VXI, LXI, AXIe allowed to obtain the highest level of unification of the created systems. The same devices are used in a variety of systems, which reduces spare parts and simplifies the construction of systems. This technology is not news and many world leaders have been working on it for a long time. This technology is widely used by foreign manufacturers of space and aviation equipment: Boeing, Lockhid Martin, EADS, BAE system, Nortrop-Grumman and others, who are actively building their instrumentation based on open standards.