Russian measuring instruments and ATE systems

Informtest holding presents the direction of testing microcircuits

Dear colleagues!
Informtest Holding presents you a new direction of systems for testing microcircuits of various types, including VLSI and processors with the number of pins up to 1408, mounted new generation cells (with operating frequencies up to 250 MHz), microassemblies and integrated circuit chips on wafers

The MST14 system is designed in the open standard AXIe-1, which makes it easy to configure it for various tasks using a wide range of modular instruments in the AXIe-1 standard. In addition to modular devices in the AXIe-1 standard, modular devices in the PXIe standard installed on NMPXIe-AXIe carriers can be integrated into the system. The MST-14 is the first Russian system of this designation made in the AXIe-1 standard.

Key features:

  • high number of measuring channels of high frequency and direct current channels;
  • PCI Express Gen2 and Ethernet control;
  • automatic clamping mechanism with servo drive and electronic control;
  • directional air forced cooling system;
  • optional configuration with analog and microwave modules;
  • Possibility of installation on a manipulator with connection to automatic probe stations, climatic chambers or stations for automatic feeding and sorting of microcircuits;
  • the possibility of testing the object for climatic effects of high and low temperatures.

The MST14 system provides measurement and control of electrical parameters of electronic modules, microcircuits and chips of integrated circuits on wafers using standard and arbitrary control and measurement methods.

The system configuration supports the installation of up to 13 instrumental (modules and one system module, made according to the AXIe-1 standard. Also, the system implements all the functionality of the AXIe 1 standard, including information exchange with the control computer via PCI Express Gen 2 and Ethernet protocols, as well as a complex inter-module and external synchronization.

Digital and analog measuring channels, and direct current channels of instrument modules, by means of special cable assemblies, are output to the contact matrix of the system clamping mechanism.

The contact matrix of the pressure mechanism contains

  • up to 64 coaxial microwave contacts, with a bandwidth of 20 GHz;
  • up to 1760 coaxial RF contacts, with a bandwidth of 2 GHz;
  • up to 648 LF and DC contacts.

In addition to the above, the contact matrix contains 80 coaxial RF contacts and 162 LF contacts for carrying system and auxiliary signals and DC supply voltages.

All contacts of the clamping mechanism matrix are spring-loaded, which in turn provides a "non-detachable" connection with the measuring equipment of the tested microcircuit, the probe tower or the adapter of the tested object.

The clamping mechanism of the system is fully automated. The servo drive of the clamping mechanism is controlled from the electronic control panel of the system.

Измерение и контроль электрических параметров электронных модулей, микросхем и кристаллов интегральных схем на пластинах

To ensure the temperature regime of the measuring modules, the system uses a forced air cooling system of directional action. The cooling system provides the required temperature conditions with a total heat release power inside the housing of the measuring unit up to 5 kW.

The measuring unit of the system in various versions can be installed on a fixed support, in a rack with an adjustable angle of inclination, or on a manipulator for docking with an automatic probe station, a climate chamber or an automatic microcircuit feeding and sorting station.

In basic versions, the MST14 system can include up to 11 128-channel P128C200M electronic PIN modules, and up to two 48-channel DPS48C7V5 power supply modules. Thus, in basic versions, the system can contain up to 1408 digital measuring channels, with a maximum functional control frequency of 250 MHz and up to 96 measuring power channels, with voltage up to ± 8.5 V and current strength up to ± 1.2 A.

Also, in basic versions, the system contains:

  • set of standard interfaces: 2 JTAG ports, 1 SPI port and 1 I2C port;
  • set of standard DC supply voltages: 5 V / 10 A, ± 15 V / 1 A;
  • 32 auxiliary channels of input / output;
  • an opto-isolated port to support the control of probe stations and stations for automatic feeding and sorting of previous generations of chips;

The high number of measuring channels and contacts of the automated clamping mechanism, the high characteristics of the air cooling system, the built-in synchronization system and the ability to be mounted on the manipulator, allow measuring and controlling the parameters of a fairly large area of electronic modules, as well as microcircuits in the case and integrated circuits on the plate.

Измерение и контроль электрических параметров электронных модулей, микросхем и кристаллов интегральных схем на пластинах

The configurable modular design of the system in accordance with the AXIe-1 standard allows you to optionally increase the technical characteristics of automatic test equipment by installing modules of the AXIe-1 standard in the system.

The unified software allows for automated diagnostics and calibration of all system parameters, and also ensures the implementation of all processes of measurement and control of parameters during testing of objects.

More detailed technical characteristics of MST14 you can find on the link