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Modular measuring instruments and ATE systems
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New series of portable testers TEST-9110-P

Pre-order of a new series of portable testers TEST-9110-P has started!
The latest version is now available in a sealed and rugged portable case with an integrated computer.
TEST-9110-P - Portable version of the multichannel high-voltage cable tester

The newest portable version of the TEST-9110 series automated multichannel high-voltage measuring system for checking the quality of wiring and monitoring the electrical parameters of harnesses is now available in a sealed and shockproof portable case with a built-in computer.

The portable testers TEST-9110-P implement the entire arsenal of capabilities of the TEST-9110 series testers and apply new original solutions based on the AXIe-0 standard in terms of the meter and high-voltage switch.

The new high-voltage switch VVK-P is manufactured according to the original design, the main element of which is a specialized polarized relay, which have 2 groups of contacts each, allowing to implement 128 channels of measurements by the Kelvin method or 4-wire method.

This switch design relieves consumers of channel calibration and allows them to work with objects, connection to which requires the presence of long adapter cables.

The modular measuring-shaper IS-P is made in the AXIe-0 standard, built using the same technology as the UPEM. The IC-P is capable of performing precision measurements of resistance (0.001 Ohm with an accuracy of 1%), voltage at the multimeter level with 6.5 digits accuracy, capacitance, inductance (LCR meter function) and generates high voltages (1400VDC / 1000VAC), actually combining functions: multimeter, megohmmeter, punching device and LCR-meter.

Portable testers
TEST-9110-P are designed for automated measurement and control of:
  • the quality of the electrical installation of harnesses and connections (checking the continuity of the circuits, checking the connection (short circuit) of the circuit with the rest of the circuits, checking the topology (checking the compliance of the UUT with its electrical circuit, represented by the list of electrical circuits and elements);
  • search for installation defects (breaks, connections with high resistance in places of poor-quality crimping or soldering, incorrectly selected wire cross-section, installation of incorrect components);
  • checking the electrical parameters of the control object under the influence of vibration;
  • reproduction of voltage and strength of direct and alternating current;
  • measurement of DC and AC voltage;
  • measurement of resistance to direct current;
  • measurement of circuit resistance;
  • measurement of insulation resistance;
  • checking the dielectric strength of the insulation;
  • measurement of electrical capacitance (checking the correct cutting of twisted pairs, checking capacitors);
  • checking the integrity of the pn junction;
  • active measuring probe mode;
  • functional check of the controlled object.
Metrological characteristics:

Description of characteristics


Limits of permissible relative error,%

DC voltage reproduction range, V

from 0.1 to 1400

± 2%

DC voltage measurement range Umeas, V

± 700

no more than 2.4%

AC voltage reproduction range (effective value), V

from 25 to 1000

± 2%

Ranges of measurement of the rms value of the AC voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz, V

from 1 1 to 700

± 5%

Ranges of reproduction of direct current Iv, mA

from 0.1 to 2000

± 0.5%

Measurement range of electrical capacity, nF

from 0.1 to 1 • 10 7

from 0.1 to 1 • 10 4 nF incl. 5% from 1 • 10 4 to 1 • 10 7 nF incl. 10%

Insulation resistance measurement range Rmeas.insol, Ohm

from 1 • 10 5 to 1 • 10 10

in the range from 0.1 to 499 megohm no more than 6%, over 499 megohm no more than 14%

Range of measurements of electrical resistance to direct current Rmeas according to the four-wire circuit, Ohm

from 1 • 10 -3  to 1 • 10 7

± 1%


Number of measuring channels (4-wire measuring method)


Integrated high performance Pico-ITX touchscreen computer (15 "TFT 1024x768)

AFK-9110 software - is the same for all versions of the system

Built-in self-test and system monitoring

Overall dimensions, mm, no more: LxWxH


Weight excluding SPTA-O, operational documents, kg, no more


Operating conditions of operation:
- ambient air temperature, ° С
- relative air humidity at 25
° С,%, no more
- atmospheric pressure, kPa

      from 5 to 35


from 84 to 106.7

Case design features:

Material - isotaxic polypropylene 
Protection class - IP 67
Resistance to salt fog, solar radiation, mold fungi