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Russian first device according AXIe-1 standard

Russian first device according AXIe-1 standard

The AXI DPNA-6G module is the world's first circuits parameters analyzer, made in the form factor of the AXIe-1 module, as well as the first Russian device conforming to the AXIe-1 standard.
In the circuits parameters meter mode, the AXI DPNA-6G module measures the vector values ​​of the circuit parameters via two ports: transmission factors (S12, S21) and reflections (S11, S22). At the same time, all necessary types of calibrations are supported: one- and two-port short-circuits, XX, coordinated load, transmission normalization. The software supports the import of third-party calibration parameters.

In the measuring receiver mode, the module provides:

  • generation of a harmonic signal (frequency synthesizer);
  • spectrum analyzer and power level in a given band;
  • measuring the frequency of a known signal;
  • measurement of analog modulation parameters;
  • phase noise measurement

Modular design in accordance with the AXIe-1 standard allows to achieve compactness at sufficiently high operating parameters, and the use of SMA connectors allows reducing the number of used equipment (adapters and calibration measures). Unified software allows automatic calibration and verification of the main characteristics of the device.
The listed features of the device, the characteristics comparable to russian and some foreign products, and the possibility of software expansion of the set of options make it the best product for checking the parameters of antennas, linear active and passive nodes, and devices with frequency transfer. Sufficiently versatile hardware allows you to extend the functionality of the module with the help of software options by combining several devices in one.
It is also possible to scale the system to a larger number of ports using RF switches.

More information on the AXI module DPNA-6G is available on the link.