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VXI standard

The VXI standard is one of the progressive directions of development of the VMEbus (VMEbus eXtention for Instrumentation - VXI - VMEbus extension for measuring equipment). Based on the VMEbus bus, and fully including it as a subset, the VXI interface is a stand-alone standard for measurement and control equipment of the highest class of accuracy.

Initially, the standard was focused on the use, mainly in the military-industrial complex to create control and diagnostic and radio equipment. Due to the fact that the standard was developed specifically for this class of tasks, it satisfies most military-industrial standards, including MIL-45662A, complies with the industry standard ISO 9000 quality, as well as the EMC and immunity standards (EN 55011, EN 50082-1 ). All technical solutions that provide these requirements are taken into account in the VXI equipment at the design stage and do not require additional costs for their provision during system assembly and operation.

At present, the VXI interface is considered to be the most promising for creating control and diagnostic and high-precision measurement and control systems and complexes for various purposes. It has the largest growth dynamics of the produced and sold products in the western market, a steady trend towards technical improvement and expansion of applications.

This explains the sharp increase in the number of VXI-devices in the products of such world leaders in measurement technology as Hewlett Packard, Tektronix, Racal Instruments, etc.

Stages of development of VXI

Formation of the MATE US Air Force User Group

Within the framework of the MATE (Modular Automated Test Equipment) program, commissioned by the US Air Force, Hewlett-Packard developed the ideology of single-board digital high-precision instrumentation for testing on-board equipment

April 1987
Formation of the VXI-Consortium

Initially, the VXI - Consortium included five firms: Hewlett-Packard, Colorado Data Systems, Racal-Dana Instruments, Tektronix, Wavetek. The consortium ensures coordination and unified (within the framework of the standard) technical policy among manufacturers, development and improvement of the specifications of the standard, certification and registration of new developments in hardware and software, information and methodical maintenance of users, etc.

Publication of the VXIbus specification, Version 1.0
July 1987
July 1989
Publication of VXIbus, Version 1.3
Preparation of the IEEE 1155 standard
November 1990
First vote
Third Voting
December, 1991
Creating the VXI Plug & Play Integration Program
The standard VXI 2.0
The standard VXI 3.0
The standard VXI 4.0

Further development of the VXI standard and the creation of a new industry in the field of "VXI Technologies" is aimed at taking into account specific requirements and developing recommendations for application in selected applied industries, for example, for building automated systems for ground control and testing of aviation and space equipment, as confirmed by the decision of the ARINC Corporation subcommittee (Aerospace Radioelectronic Incorporated) in 1990.

Standard AXIe

Holding Informtest is the first and so far the only Russian manufacturer of control and measuring equipment, adopted in March 2012 in the international AXIe Consortium.

AXIe is the newest standard for building high-end modular measuring equipment, based on the AdvancedTCA telecommunications computing architecture with the ability to expand for various instrumentation and test systems. AXIe appeared in 2010 and the manufacturers of equipment in this standard have merged into an international consortium. The main role in the consortium is played by such world famous giants as Agilent Technologies, AeroFlex, Adlink, Gigatronics and others.

The main applications of equipment in AXIe are: Functional testing of modern electronic equipment, testing of the element base (СИБС, processors, and others.), radio measurements and multichannel systems for data collection during testing of space, aviation, and other objects.

According to the developers AXIe will overcome the shortcomings of existing standards and finally introduce an open standard for mezzanine measuring modules. AXIe contributes to an even greater unification of modular meters for various applications in science and industry.

AXIe is an alloy of technical solutions used in all open standards:

  • Shielding
  • Large board sizes
  • Mezzanine technology from VXI
  • PCIe bus from PXIe and ATCA
  • 1Gb LAN backbone from LXI
  • Technology of building drivers from IVI
  • Architecture of construction and data transmission from ATCA

This standard makes it possible to flexibly configure test and measurement systems to obtain the best performance in their operation. According to Agilent Technologies AXIe in 7-8 years will become the dominant standard for modular measuring equipment. Frost & Sallivan considers investment in the creation of equipment based on AXIe the most effective and promising for the next 5-8 years.

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