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Power supply system simulators

Power supply system simulators

Providing ground testing, conducting autonomous tests, preliminary tests, comprehensive, as well as acceptance tests of power supply systems used both in ground equipment and in aircraft.
The functionality of the system consists of several basic subsystems:

-Subsystem for simulation of solar panels

-Subsystem for simulating batteries

-Subsystem for issuing control commands and receiving telemetry information

-Control device


Reproduction of volt-ampere characteristics (VAC) of a solar battery (by individual points, or by a given formula).

Operation in the following modes: maximum power, zero power, transition between the I – V characteristic with a high Uxx value to the I – V characteristic with a low Uxx value.

Hardware and software monitoring and diagnostics of emergency states of electronic components.

Simulation of battery operation: main power channel (charge / discharge), auxiliary power channels (load / output voltage).

Simulation of temperature and voltage sensors.

Support for the MCO (MKI) interface.

Possibility of implementing a system of channel-by-channel balancing of a composite battery using a separate power source for each balanced channel.

Specialized software based on Informtest CAT allows you to fully automate the process of checking the power supply system, exchange information, store, process results, and also allows you to interact with power supplies manufactured by Sorensen, Ametek Power Solutions.


  • Onboard solar battery works
  • Battery work
  • Works tire loads
  • Battery Signals
  • Controller signals Control equipment signals

Specification and characteristics

Power supply: 100 V DC, 10 A, 1 kW

IP 400 power supply: 40 V DC, 10 A, 400 W

Voltage source: 80 V DC, 188 A, 15 kW - Ametek Power Solutions

Electronic Load: 80 V DC, 170 A, 15 VA - Ametek Power Solutions

MEMS5 electronic resistance store: 5 channels, 1-255 Ohm, step 1 Ohm

MN8I voltage meter: 8 channels, 0-50 V, sampling period - 5 μs

MON8P current source: 8 channels, 10 V, 10 mA

MDS32 voltage meter: 32 channels, 0-10 V, sampling rate - 0.1 ms

MCO module: simulation of MCO line (MKO)

Auxiliary charging channel system based on MP8012: 80 V DC, 12 A, 360 W

Software - Informtest CAT


Characteristics of the MP-8012 module:

DC voltage reproducible range 0.08 - 80 V

DC reproducible current range 0.01 - 12 A

Rated output power 360 W

Automatic selection of the output range, which allows you to obtain the rated power at different voltages

Built-in relay to physically disconnect the device under test

Four-wire connection for voltage stabilization across the load

OLED 2.8 "display for easy monitoring of the output characteristics and states of the module

Auxiliary Charge Channel System Software



TEST-1103 - Simulation of the on-board power supply system for spacecraft solar batteries
TEST-1101 - Spacecraft power simulation system
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