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Cable testers series TEST-9110

Cable testers series TEST-9110

Automated high-voltage cable test system.
High-voltage cable tester series TEST-9110 is Russian automated measuring system for monitoring electrical parameters of harnesses and blocks. TEST-9110 made in open international standards AXIe, VXI and LXI
  • Complete "turnkey" solution for automation of the EWIS and cables and harness testing process
  • Automation of checking the on-board cable network after installation at the facility
  • Diagnostics and advanced control of parameters of electrical installation of blocks and electrical assemblies
  • Modernization of automated measuring systems for checking the quality of electrical installation

Possible applications 

The automated cable test system series TEST-9110 provides control of the electrical parameters of electrical harness and wire products; it is an integral part of the technological process of their manufacture and, as a rule, requires 100% electrical control through high-voltage tests.

Informtest offers a wide range of configurations of equipment for automatic testing of electrical harnesses and related systems on the basis of a serially produced (at its own production in Moscow, Zelenograd) measuring complex series TEST-9110 of its own design.

Multichannel high-voltage measuring control system series TEST-9110 "Polyot" is a Russian modular system for automated quality control of electrical installation. All its components are manufactured entirely in the Russian Federation by the holding Informtest. 

Systems series TEST-9110 are made on a modular basis using the technology of open international standards based on standards 
  • VXI (Russian standard GOST RV 51955-2002);
  • AXIe (Russian standard GOST R 58286-2018)
  • or LXI standard.

The TEST-9110 system is designed to measure and control:: 
  • Automated quality control of the electrical installation of harnesses and connections (checking the integrity of the circuits, checking the connection (short circuit) of the circuit with the rest of the circuits, checking the topology (checking the compliance of the control object with its electrical circuit, represented by the list of electrical circuits and elements);
  • reproduction of voltage and strength of direct and alternating current;
  • DC and AC voltage measurement;
  • DC resistance measurement;
  • circuit resistance measurement;
  • insulation resistance measurement;
  • checking the dielectric strength of insulation;
  • measurement of electrical capacity;
  • checking the integrity of the p-n junction;
  • active measuring probe mode;
  • checking the electrical parameters of the controlled object during vibration tests;
  • functional check of the controlled object.


TEST-9110-AXIe cable tester options
Fig. 1 Variants of TEST-9110 with chassis in the AXIe standard (Russian standard GOST R 58286-2018)

TEST-9110-VXI options
Fig. 2 Variants of TEST-9110 with chassis in the VXI standard (RF standard GOST RV 51955-2002)

Fig. 3 Variants of TEST-9110 with chacchis in the VXI standard (RF standard GOST RV 51955-2002)

Fig. 4 Combination of different versions of TEST-9110 in LXI, VXI or AXIe standards

The openness of the design architecture allows consumers to easily expand the capabilities of the system by adding modular devices (any manufacturers of modular devices in the AXIe, VXI or LXI standards), the properties of which do not affect the metrological characteristics of the system as a whole.

Examples of ready-made solutions to expand the capabilities of the system:

  • Checking S parameters of RF cables and finding a coaxial cable break (AXIe DPNA-6G module vector network analyzer)
  • Reproduction of DC voltage and DC current (MP-8012 AXIe-0 module programmable DC power supply)
  • IP-400 programmable power supply in LXI standard
  • Mezzanine module MFSK-24E for generating a pulse command in the form of closing a pair of relay contacts (“dry” contact). This module can be integrated into both VXI and AXIe-based systems.
  • The MFTK mezzanine module is designed to generate current commands. This module can be integrated into both VXI and AXIe-based systems.
  • AXIe RK100x4 module is a 100x4 matrix switcher (100 inputs - 4 outputs) for switching input and output lines in any combination.

The advantages and simplicity of TEST-9110 have already been appreciated by more than 60 leading Russian enterprises from various industries. Starting from 2007 and up to the present moment, Polyot is the most popular system of this class in Russia (more than 260 sets have been sold), which completely replaces similar imported systems in its parameters.

Measuring systems of the TEST-9110 series with unrivaled accuracy and reliability allow you to easily and efficiently test the cable network of any objects. For example, the entire onboard cable network of large objects such as airplanes or subway cars.

Testers of the series TEST-9110 are used both for testing simple cables and bundles and complex cabinets, backplanes, blocks, micro-assemblies with a high mounting density.

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