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ORION-1 automated testing of radio stations

ORION-1 automated testing of radio stations

Russian automated test equipment for testing electronic equipment.

The complex is designed to create an automated workstation and automatically test various types of communication means and radio-electronic equipment.

Manufactured in mobile (field) and stationary versions.

The features of workstations are:

  • High degree of automation of measurements with high productivity and minimal contribution of the "human factor";
  • Unification of workstations based on selected standards and the possibility of interfacing with other measuring systems;
  • Modularity of the layout, which makes it possible to implement small-sized diagnostic systems based on one VXI chassis, as well as in standard racks, including mobile ones, which is important for taking measurements in hard-to-reach places;
  • The possibility of re-assembling the complex on the basis of a unified chassis for solving specific tasks outside the factory conditions;
  • The ability to build up measuring systems, including in terms of specialized software required for a specific diagnosed equipment.

The complex includes the following group of "virtual" instruments and devices:

  • spectrum analyzer
  • power meter
  • frequency counter
  • LF signal generator
  • microwave signal generator
  • oscilloscope
  • multimeter 6.5 digits (30,000 measurements per second)
  • harmonic distortion meter
  • rubidium frequency standard
  • logic analyzer / signal conditioner
  • Microwave switch
  • power supply
  • PC


Spectrum analyzer:

  • frequency measurement of radio frequency signals up to 10 GHz, with an accuracy of ± 10-8;
  • power measurement of radio frequency signals up to 10 GHz, from -100 to +20 dBm, with an accuracy of 0.5 dB;
  • measurement of AM, FM, FM;

Reproduction of signals:

  • from 0.01 Hz to 10 GHz, with an accuracy of ± 10-8;
  • output power range: from minus 50 (70) to 0 dBm (option up to 10 dBm);
  • setting accuracy 0.5 dB;


  • DC / AC voltage measurement: up to 400 V / 300 V, current up to 3 A;

Measuring Harmonic Distortion:

  • bandwidth at the level of minus 3 dB: 44 kHz;
  • the dynamic range of the input signal in each of the ranges is not less than 120 dB;
  • reduced error of conversion of instantaneous voltage values at a sampling frequency of more than 1 kHz, no more than ± 0.04%;

Power supply:

  • from 0 to 30 V, current up to 25A, software-controlled;

Rubidium frequency standard:

  • frequency: 1Hz, 2.048, 5 and 10 MHz sine / TTL (option - the ability to set any frequency in the range of 1 Hz - 15 MHz);
  • frequency stability Allan variation: 1.4x10-11 / 1s 4.4x10-12 / 10s 1.4x10-12 / 100s
  • frequency drift: 2x10-9 / year 2x10-11 / day

The logic analyzer / signal generator:

  • 64 bi-directional I / O channels; memory of time diagrams up to mega-word per channel;
  • sampling speed 33 MHz;
  • programmable signal level in each channel;


  • eight measurement ranges from ± 100 mV to ± 50 V;
  • reduced measurement error - no more than ± 1.5%;
  • channel bandwidth at a level of minus 3 dB (with disabled low-pass filter), not less:
    • 900 MHz (with an input impedance of 50 ohms);
    • 400 MHz (with an input impedance of 1 MΩ).

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