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Questions and answers

At Aerospace Testing Russia 2006 you demonstrated a new 4 slot cradle. Will there be a version of ТЕСТ-9110-VXI in it and what will be its price.
Indeed, a new 4-slot rack is very popular in the market and we have been supplying such racks to consumers since November 2006. In October 2006, this crane received a certificate of compliance in 32 Research Institute of the RF Ministry of Defense. Its price is approximately from 62 to 73 thousand rubles, depending on the version. In this kreyt will be supplied portable portable version of the test system 9110 VXI for 308 channels. However, the main purpose of this crate is the system for collecting information from various types of sensors (recorders) of medium size. For example, it contains the registration systems for fast-variable processes from 32 to 48 parallel registration channels and a system for recording slow parameters from 96 to 384 channels of various types.
Can I use the ТЕСТ-9110-VXI as a multichannel voltage meter in addition to its standard capabilities.
With the new IS3 meter, the ТЕСТ-9110-VXI takes on a whole new range of functions. It is a multichannel meter for currents, voltages, capacitances in addition to its basic functions. The 9110VXI test with new features will be somewhat more expensive than the option with the ИС2, it will get additional software, but the consumer can choose the most optimal delivery option for their applications.
How will the price change Тест VIBRO1 with an increase in the number of channels from 4 to 8 and to 12.
The increase in the number of channels is determined by the number of mezzanine modules МН4В on each of which 4 channels are located. Since the software initially allows you to work with a large number of channels, the increase from 4 to 8 channels means the addition of one МН4В and costs 65 thousand rubles. Accordingly, an increase from 4 to 12 channels means the addition of 2 МН4В and costs 130 thousand rubles.
What is the dynamic range, noise level, and channel interference of the МГВ2 generator? This is necessary for the vibration system to work with two shakers at the same time. Is it possible in principle to run the VIBRO1 test with two shakers in the same p
The dynamic range is not worse than 110 dB, the noise level is not worse than -115 dB, the interference is not worse -90 dB. For each sample, these parameters may vary slightly. To work with two vibrators, the main thing is the presence of two channels for МГВ2. Variant Test VIBRO1 for working with two vibrators is possible.
Tell me what was the need to release a new VXI rack for 3 high-power slots. After all, you already have a 3-slot crate.
The main purpose of this crate is export. In addition, it is designed to work with VXI modules that have high consumption. The fact is that the latest VXI modules carry "synthetic instruments" in the mezzanine version consume up to 10-12 A for 5V. These include VT1432B, VT1433B, VT1435, VT1436, ProDaq Bustec series, ZTEC oscilloscopes, maximum configurations of our НМ modules with mezzanines, Teradyne modules for СБИС testing and a number of other modules. Because of the wide distribution of such carriers, it became possible to build mini-systems into a large number of channels. For this, existing VXI racks for 4 slots Agilent 8408 (175W) are not suitable. In them, more than one such module can not be placed (there is not enough power) and it is necessary to go to 6 slot cradle which is more expensive and larger in size. Therefore, a new type of rack is designed to ensure the construction of compact VXI systems with mezzanine modules. In addition, in our new racks implemented cross-panel, corresponding to the version of the standard VXI 3.0. This is also important because version 3.0 provides a transfer rate of up to 160 mb/s and allows a much larger data stream to pass through the VXI bus than in VXI 2.0 (80 mb/s) and PXI (132 mb/s).
In addition, this crate at a price much cheaper than imported analogues. A standard 3-slot rack is cheaper than a powerful one and is suitable for most applications.
Do you plan to supply the systems for collecting information from thermistors on a turn-key basis with ready-made software and how much will it cost?
We are finishing the development of software for such a system and we want to present it at the Aero Space-Test 2006 Russia exhibition on September 20-22 in the Olympic. We plan to start deliveries in November 2006. The cost of the software of this system is not yet established, but the estimated price will be from 30 to 50 thousand rubles.
Will your VXI raks come with a 10-year warranty.
Today, any of our VXI devices have a delivery option with a 10-year warranty. The cost of devices with such a supply grows by 35-50%. Crates are no exception and for them there are delivery options with a 10-year warranty.
You have information on the new switch МК30-2Л on the site. Explain how to build on its basis a system for collecting information from thermistors.
In order to build a system for collecting information from thermistors (for example, 105 channels), the following set of equipment is needed. One МТ8-4Л module is installed on the carrier of НМ mezzanines. It has 8 channels of measurement with the current of the thermistor for the measurement time. In fact, this means that each channel has 4 output lines (2 for feeding, 2 for measurement). The МК30-2Л switch is used in four-wire mode. In this case, its dimension becomes 15x4. To each measuring channel МТ8-4Л connects its МК30-2Л (in 15x4 mode). Next, the program, controlling the switching process of the switch and the measurement process in a cyclic mode, measures the resistance. Thus, the thermistors are interrogated. Depending on the types of thermistors, the resistance is recalculated into temperature values. The speed of interrogation of thermistors will be from 1 to 2 Hz for a system of 105 channels. In two VXI modules, you can set 1 МТ8-4Л and 7 МК30-2Л, providing 105 channels (15x7 = 105). If you imagine all this in the form of a complete design, then all equipment will be placed in a compact portable 3-slot VXI rack. The cost of the system will be small, and it will depend heavily on the composition of the software and a number of other requirements.
Your Portable Option The 9110VXI test has a maximum of 616 channels in a 6-slot rack. Is it possible to make a portable version of ТЕСТ-9110-VXI for 1200 channels or more.
You can make such an option. For this you need to take two crates (for example 6 slots). In one crate, place 616 channels (one megger ИС2 or ИС3 and four ВВК3 switches). In the second rack, you need to install a controller USB2.0-VXI and 5 switches ВВК3. The system will be configured to 616 + 770 = 1386 channels. The patch panels will be separate for each crate. Together, it is possible to include up to 8 racks on the USB2.0-VXI controller. The number of ВВК3 modules can be adjusted as needed. The weight of the 6 slots with modules is ~ 26 kg. It can be carried by one person for short distances.
Explain the difference between the Тест VIBRO 1 and Тест-Vibrunner systems. It seems that they are competing with each other.
Тест VIBRO1 is mostly a production system, the software of which allows performing production tasks such as performing standard tests, calibration of sensors, etc. The peculiarity of the Тест VIBRO1 is that the consumer, if desired, can write the software for his own tests. In addition, Тест VIBRO 1 allows you to combine vibration tests with measurements of electrical parameters of the object in the process of functioning. The consumer can expand the system by the addition of additional mezzanine meters (a total of 15 types). The Тест VIBRO1 system is an open system and any Russian manufacturer can adapt its software to Тест VIBRO1. The Тест-Vibrunner system is a complete research-type system designed only for conducting vibration tests. The software of the Тест Vibrunner system is developed by the German company M + P International and is widely known in Europe and the USA where it is used as part of vibration testing systems based on VXI devices from Agilent Technologies, VXI Technology and others. This software performs a modular analysis of the configurations allowing you to find resonant frequencies and carry out the processing of test results. More information is available on request. The Тест Vibrunner system is ideal for testing newly designed structures. In our version, Test-VibRunner is offered in the production line of Informtest Holding and with the controller of our production that allows to reduce the price of this system. Therefore, comparing these systems, it should be noted that, despite the same hardware capabilities of the field of application of these systems are different. The software Тест-VibRunner is much more complicated than the software Тест VIBRO 1 and is intended for research engineers. Accordingly, the cost of the VibRunner test is much higher than the cost of the VIBRO1 test.
Can a portable version of the ТЕСТ-9110-VXI in a 3 or 6 slot crossover be operated in a mobile version on a moving object.
Yes, such exploitation is possible, but in practice it always happens at the moment when the object is standing. The exception is the ship and railway versions of the ТЕСТ-9110 VXI. Currently, a special VXI crate is being developed with a power supply from the onboard 9-46V network which will be used for many mobile applications (automobile and aviation).
Is it planned to create high-speed VXI digital I / O modules of analogues ДВВ-128.
Yes, it is planned to create a new ДВВ-2 module that will provide digital exchange with a speed of up to 100 MHz via 128 channels. Approximately the ДВВ-2 module will be on sale in late 2006.
Is it planned to create a mezzanine version of ДММ1 multimeter for use in minisystems and what will be its price.
Yes, such work is underway and ДММ1 is currently being developed in the mezzanine version. Such a module will be placed in a double-width mezzanine. The price will remain the same as that of ДММ1 or lower.
Can your organization develop its own mezzanine modules and will you not?
The interface of the mezzanine module with the carrier is open and we provide it to those organizations that want to develop their own mezzanine modules themselves. Some organizations are already working this way. We only encourage this process because 99% of the mezzanine modules of our own development of third-party organizations, as a rule, are used in a highly specialized way and it is simply not profitable for us to develop such mezzanines. For many consumers the open possibility of own development of a small part of the system allows solving in principle many problems and switching to the VXI standard for the whole system. This is profitable, it saves time and money.
Do you develop your own cross-panels for VXI racks or use only purchased cross-panels.
Cross-panel to 2.3.4 slot racks developed by us. Cross-sections for 6 and 13 slots are still purchased, but we plan to replace them with ours during 2006. This is done to reduce the cost of cross-panels and increase the competitiveness of our VXI racks in comparison with imported ones.
Can I use МН4В for strain gauges? Do you plan to create special modules for strain gauges?
МН4В can be used for strain gauges in the absence of imbalance of strain gages or with a slight imbalance. In addition, it can be used for strain gauges in non-bridge circuits. All import modules-analogs have analogous МН4В characteristics. However, taking into account the fact that a large number of bridge measuring circuits with a significant imbalance of the strain gage are used in Russia, we plan to present a new mezzanine meter МН4Т with automatic correction of strain-strain unbalance in July-August. МН4Т actually completely repeats МН4В with the addition of a compensation scheme for imbalance of strain gauges. In addition, we developed a mezzanine module MIN12 (12 channels) designed for the load of strain gauges. In one VXI module it is planned to place 3 mezzanine meters МН4Т or МН4В and one МИН12. In total in one VXI module it will be possible to place 12 full-scale channels for strain gages with load of strain gauges.
I want to know what your plans for creating new devices in the newest LXI standard.
The first LXI devices of our production will appear in July 2006. Which is still a secret.
Why is the VXI module divided into mezzanine modules of much smaller dimensions than the module itself?
VXI modules are often multi-channel (from tens to hundreds of channels in the module). In this case, all channels of the same module implement the same type of function. Since in the traditional interpretation of the module design, it is an indivisible constructive unit, when creating an automated VXI system, unused (redundant) channels appear in it, this leads to an unjustified increase in the size, power consumption and cost of the system. To optimize the system in accordance with the above parameters, special constructively completed component parts of the module, the mezzanine carrier module and the mezzanine modules, were created. Using mezzanine modules, it is possible to realize the optimal number of channels with heterogeneous functions within one VXI module, which optimizes the VXI system as a whole.
Why do we need different types of modules that implement the functions of slot zero in the VXI rack?
The module that implements the functions of slot zero in the VXI rack, besides it performs the functions of a system-wide interface of the information interconnection of racks with each other and with the control computer. At the same time, the characteristics of the system-wide interface largely determine the speed of information exchange and the performance of the VXI system. Taking into account the users' requests, INFORMTEST Holding manufactures modules that realize both high-performance interfaces (the INFORMTEST Holding VXB development interface) with parallel data and data transmission lines, and serial-type interfaces (for example, the widely used and convenient USB2.0 interface).
What is the difference between the emergency test mode for the insulation strength of the circuits mentioned in the description of the ТЕСТ-9110-VXI systems?
In normal modes of checking the electrical strength of isolation of circuits, the test voltage increases relatively smoothly (for about 1s) and is maintained for one minute. With a large number of tested circuits, the total test time can be very large. To accelerate the testing process in accordance with the acceptance (customer's representative), tests are carried out in the "emergency" mode, in which the value of the test voltage rises by a factor of about 1.5 times, the test voltage increases in a jump time of less than 0.2 s and is maintained for a minute , But one or more seconds. This mode is implemented in systems such as ТЕСТ-9110-VXI and allows to significantly speed up the testing process when testing a large number of circuits.