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Informtest CAT

Informtest CAT
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"Informtest CAT" is an innovative, high-tech software for the development of algorithm, the implementation of modeling processes and testing of any unit under test. The largest scientific and production centers are already using this software.

Informtest Holding presents a unique software product "Informtest CAT". This product eliminates the need to involve programmers in the development of open source software for testing and modeling, it is enough CAD shell "Informtest CAT" and one specialist. Due to the intuitive graphical interface, the development of any necessary algorithm is not difficult even for a user unfamiliar with the basics of programming. The system is constantly being improved and updated. It is possible to make the necessary changes for each customer.

Using "Informtest CAT" is an opportunity to increase the efficiency and reliability of any tests, reducing the cost of creating and maintaining a testing system.

Key Features of "Informtest CAT"
  • The system supports any equipment in VXI, LXI standards;
  • The ability to create complex systems for testing and control;
  • The presence of an expandable library of test modules
  • Ability to use one algorithm in several projects;
  • Formation of data on the operating time of the resource of the elements of the unit under test;
  • The software is equipped with an effective system for maintaining a testing protocol, generating a database of reports and convenient navigation through the database;
  • Ability to register user accounts administration rights.
Advantages of "Informtest CAT"
  • Intuitive GUI;
  • A large library of standard test modules greatly simplifies the process of developing the necessary algorithm;
  • "Informtest CAT" easily integrates with other software tools of the "Informtest" holding;
  • For successful work in this environment, it is enough to have basic knowledge of algorithms.

The standard library of test modules allows you to solve problems:

  • Power Bus Switching;
  • Short circuit control on the case;
  • Control of consumption and voltage levels on power buses;
  • Measurement and control of voltage levels at specified points;
  • Resistance measurement at given points;
  • Contact verification at given points;
  • Check insulation resistance in chains;
  • The formation of impulse commands;
  • Registration and analysis of digital signals.

Informtest CAT