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Informtest Converter

Informtest Converter
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Informtest presents software for converting data into formats compatible with data processing tools Mera WinPOS, NI DIAdem and Microsoft Excel.

The main goal is to preserve the usual means of data processing during the modernization of measuring and testing systems.

The Informtest Converter program provides the ability to convert the data obtained as a result of the experiment into the Informtest QtRegistrator into the following formats:

  • МЕРА WinПОС (*.mera)

  • NI TDMS (*.tdms, NI DIAdem)

  • Microsoft Excel

The data converter provides the integration of measuring systems manufactured by Informtest into the post-experimental data processing process used at the customer’s enterprise.

The result of data conversion contains a priori information about the experiment, time stamps and modes, settings and data conversion formulas.

Using this software gives freedom of choice in the use of data analysis tools. Supports simultaneous data conversion from several experiments, drag-n-drop function, display of data conversion history.

The software has an intuitive user interface and is available for operating systems of the Windows family.

Informtest Converter