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Informtest Expert

Informtest Expert
Item article:

The software is designed to display and analyze the results of an experiment. The software allows you to view, edit and analyze signals recorded during the experiment by the Informtest Registrar program. Informtest Expert provides the user with a convenient interface and a wide range of functions and processing algorithms.

Software concept

The main idea of ​​the Informtest Expert software product development is ease of use and an easily expandable set of functions. The software successfully combines the complexity of processing algorithms and the simplicity of their application.

Key Software Features

User Interface Features:

  • Convenient export of parameters from files saved during the experiment using Informtest Registrar software;
  • The ability to connect to the Data Server in the process of collecting information;
  • Signal generation of the form y = y (x);
  • Fully customizable environment:
    • Customizable display of parameters on graphs;
    • Scaling, moving along parameter graphs using the mouse or keyboard;
    • Placement of several parameters on one time grid;
    • The ability to customize the appearance of the software for the user;
    • Saving personal settings (text font, location of control panels, etc.) and subsequent restoration of application sessions;
  • Intuitive use of various elements of the environment.
    • Vertical, horizontal and harmonic cursors;
    • Tokens with roaming signatures;
    • Tables with the necessary numerical characteristics of the curve parameters;
  • The ability to select frequently used data processing algorithms and save them in the Favorites folder with the specified parameters;
  • Reproduction of an experiment with a changing speed.

Processing Capabilities:

  • Processing algorithms are made in the form of plug-ins (plug-ins), their list can be expanded.
  • The package provides the following processing algorithms:
    • Amplitude spectrum, power spectrum,
    • Mutual spectrum
    • Coherence function,
    • Octave spectrum
    • Filtration: recursive, median filter,
    • Correlation, cross correlation,
    • Integration
    • Differentiation,
    • Arithmetic operations,
    • Logarithm,
    • Centering,
    • Normalization,
    • Averaging
    • Parameterization.
Informtest Expert