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Informtest QtRegistrar

Informtest QtRegistrar
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Informtest QtRegistrar is software for creating telemetric data acquisition and control systems. Informtest QtRegistrar allows creating and developing multi-channel measurement and control systems using the latest measurement equipment based on VXI and LXI standards.

The software has user-friendly interface. During work with the software user can take advantage of tooltips and complete user manual.

Informtest QtRegistrar can collect and register data from sensors of slowly varying and fast varying parameters.

A number of visualization tools allows user to configure output's display.

With the help of visual components user can control elements of measurement and computing system, launch control cyclograms, and switch system's operating modes during the test.

Expandable library of mathematical data processing provides real-time information processing.

Along with the software comes a set of basic processing algorithms (calibration table, impulse calculation, polynomial transformation, moving average computation).

Support of programming script language ECMAScript allows realization of user-defined processing functions/algorithms.

Analysis and control of information during process of measurement, control, and decision making in automotive mode also programmed using script language.

Integrated support of equipment made in open international standards (VXI, LXI) makes it possible to utilize Informtest QtRegistrar in various systems: from data acquisition systems to system of automatic monitoring and control, from turnkey systems to configurable test systems.

Informtest QtRegistrar along with Informtest Expert and Informtest Data Server forms a client server system with:

  • visualization on remote computers;
  • wide spectrum of real-time processing and post processing algorithms;
  • ability of preparing graphical reports.

Informtest QtRegistrar