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Modular measuring instruments and ATE systems
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Virtual laboratory

Virtual laboratory
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The virtual laboratory software platform is used to organize a workplace for adjusting, configuring, and conducting checks of the parameters of electronic equipment, electronic blocks, and cells.

The Virtual Laboratory platform supports most of the Informtest holding mezzanine devices, such as RF and microwave generators, oscilloscopes with a bandwidth of up to 1 GHz, digital multimeters and power supplies. A set of functional modules can be selected and changed depending on the customer tasks.

One of the main advantages of the Virtual Laboratory platform is that it operates  under the Windows operating system.

The software capabilities of the Virtual Laboratory allow you to organize access to all installed modules from completely different, including remote, workstations. Access to the functionality of the equipment can also be shared, which means that with each individual module installed in the chassis, several users can work simultaneously. This advantage can significantly save time when making the necessary measurements.

The Virtual Laboratory software has all the necessary settings for the appearance of the application (themes, font sizes, etc.). An important advantage is the support of layouts (saving and restoring the environment) directly for a specific task, which greatly simplifies the user’s work when conducting the same measurements.

The Virtual laboratory supports the ability to touch input information. In combination with the 6-slot AXIe monoblock, also produced by Informtest, with a built-in 10.4-inch touch screen, the user can use a mobile compact high-performance workstation without the need to purchase additional peripheral equipment and information input tools. The built-in controller running Windows or Linux operating systems is a full-fledged computer made in a compact form factor that can accommodate up to 24 modular devices in a mezzanine design (overall dimensions 437 x 217 x 434 mm, weight not more than 10 kg).

The 6-slot all-in-one AXIe is a functional analogue of VirtualBench from National Instruments and has a number of advantages in terms of using high-grade professional instruments with high accuracy classes.

As an alternative to the AXIe all-in-one, the “Virtual Laboratory” has the ability to be installed on a stationary computer or laptop of the user's choice, supporting the operation of modules installed in Mezabox, MezaBox-4M LXI, the latest AXIe chassis line, or a series of VXI chassis, i.e. regardless of the applicable international standard. Such a variety makes the application of the platform accessible both for new customers and old customers of Informtest holding who wish to update existing software.

Characteristics of instruments created using the 6-slot AXIe monoblock with the "Virtual Laboratory" platform installed

Number of channels from 2 to 24
Bandwidth 1 GHz
Resolution 8 bit
Sampling frequency 5 GHz / channel
Memory 1 GB / channel

Quadrature signal generator
Number of channels from 2 channels (I and Q)
Frequency range 250 MHz
DAC Parameters (16 bit) 2-channel DAC, synchronous output on both channels
Maximum data capture rate 1.2 GS/s
Memory 2 GSamples per channel 

Capacity 6.5 characters
DC voltage measurement 400 V
DC current measurement 3 A
Resistance measurement 100 MOhm
Frequency measurement 300 kHz
AC voltage measurement 300 V
Maximum measurement speed 30000 measurements / s

Programmable power supply
AC input
AC input voltage 160 … 264 V
Frequency 47 … 63 Hz
Output: DC Voltage
Output voltage 0 … 40 V
Output current 0 … 10 А
Pulsation < 200 mV
 Virtual laboratory