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14-slot chassis in AXIe-0 format

14-slot chassis in AXIe-0 format
Item article:
The 14-slot chassis in AXIe-0 format is intended for use in modular measuring information systems based on the AXIe standard.

The chassis is designed to accommodate the system module in it, in the first slot, and the AXIe-0 instrument modules placed in the remaining slots. The 14-slot chassis in AXIe-0 format provides the modules with electric power supply 48 V DC, information communication via ETHERNET interfaces with the system module and physical address (individual for each slot). In addition, each module is provided with 12 trigger signals (trigger events) and a clock frequency of 100 MHz. The clock frequency can be generated both from the internal generator of the system module and from a stable 10 MHz signal coming from the outside. The system module provides communication via the Ethernet interface (10/100 / 1000BASE-TX) with the control computer and provides connectors for the input / output of one trigger event and a clock frequency of 10 MHz.

The 14-slot chassis in AXIe-0 format complies with the requirements of the AXIe-1.0 Base Architecture Specification standard.

According to climatic conditions of use, the chassis belongs to the category provided by GOST R IEC 61587-1, execution according to IEC 60297 (climatic test - C1, industrial atmosphere - A1, static load - Sl1, dynamic load - DL1, protective measures - IP20, scope of application - enclosed space without any special impact with air temperature from plus 5 to plus 40 ºС and humidity from 20 to 80%).
Number of free slots (number of free slots for accommodating instrumental modules) - 14 (13) Power consumption over the mains 220 V AC - 5400 W
The electrical resistance between the protective earth terminal and the metal parts of the chassis is 0.5 Ohm The electrical insulation resistance of the mains supply circuits of the chassis relative to the chassis is 20 MOhm
Electrical isolation of mains circuits relative to the housing (test voltage) - 1500 V rms of alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz Electrical insulation resistance of 48 V power supply circuits relative to the chassis chassis and logical ground at a test voltage of (100 ± 15) V - 10 MOhm
External power - single-phase AC network, voltage 100 - 240 V, frequency 47 - 63 Hz Overall dimensions - 435.5 x 470 x 390.5 mm
14-slot chassis in AXIe-0 format