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14-slot PXIe chassis CH-14

14-slot PXIe chassis CH-14
Item article:

New CH-14 PXIe chassis allows you to create high-performance multifunctional systems for collecting and processing large flows of information, as well as systems for monitoring and adjusting radio electronic equipment.

The chassis allows you to install up to 14 PXIe instrument modules.
On the basis of Chassis CH-14 PXIe-PC, it is possible to create high-performance multifunctional systems for collecting and processing large flows of information, as well as systems for monitoring and adjusting radio-electronic equipment.

Key features
  • PCIe Gen3 support, UpLink and DownLink ports (8 PCIe lanes) for connecting external equipment (PC, PXI chassis, AXIe chassis) via PCIe x8 cable interface
  • Built-in PXI chassis system module
  • The presence of a built-in matrix switcher of trigger events with the ability to relay trigger events signals to / from external equipment. Management, registration, formation of trigger events
  • Selectable frequency reference source (internal / external) to ensure synchronous operation of peripheral modules in different chassis
  • Ensures only PXIe peripheral modules function (no hybrid or PXI-1 slots)
  • "Transparency" for PXIe drivers of peripheral modules (additional software is not required for operation, the modules are displayed in the PC Device Manager)
  • Availability of a Web interface for configuring the system, viewing the status of PXI modules 
Chassis type - PXIe The number of peripheral slots - 14
PC connection (UpLink port) - PCIe x8 cable standard PXI or AXIe Optional Chassis Connections (DownLink Port) - PCIe x8 Cable Standard
The exchange of information streams is carried out via the PСIe Gen3 interface Maximum system throughput - 128 Gb / s bidirectional streams (64 Gb / s one way, 8 lanes at 8 Gb / s)
Maximum Bandwidth Per Module - 64 Gb / s bidirectional streams (32 Gb / s one way, 4 lanes at 8 Gb / s) Integrated controller that implements the function of the system module PXI chassis (does not take up additional space for installing peripheral modules)
The integrated built-in PXIe modules synchronization system provides the following functions:
  • Patching any trigger event on any line to any other line inside the chassis and to an external chassis connector
  • Patching a trigger event from the external chassis connector to any trigger event lines inside the chassis
  • Possibility to invert (reverse polarity) signals on any chassis trigger lines
  • Possibility to register and display the presence of trigger events on each chassis trigger event line
  • Ability to generate trigger events on any chassis trigger event lines and external connector
  • Selecting the source of the reference frequencies for the operation of the PXIe modules - internal frequency of the chassis or external frequency from the connector on the chassis
  • Formation of the chassis reference frequency to the external chassis connector to create multiple crate systems operating in a single time frequency grid
  • Control, switching, registration of trigger events, as well as selection of the reference frequency source is carried out via the chassis WEB interface. If necessary, the configuration can be saved to the chassis FLASH memory to retain the configuration of the trigger events and the frequency reference when the chassis is powered down.
Embedded WEB - chassis interface provides
  • Monitoring the status of each PXIe module in terms of the presence of problems with their power supply and functioning (monitoring the presence of PWRGD, Alarm, Alert signals from modules)
  • Ability to power on / off each PXIe module if the modules support the PXI PWREN signal
  • Trigger Matrix Switcher Control
  • Selecting the Chassis Reference Source
  • Write configuration to chassis FLASH
  • Controlling Chassis Fan Modes
  • Display of the current temperature inside the chassis
  • IP addressing support - static IP, DHCP, Auto IP
  • Physical interface with PC - Ethernet with support for Auto MDIX mode, RJ45 connector type
Chassis power type - 220 VAC Chassis power supply 1000 W
Maximum power per slot - 70 W Overall dimensions (W x H x D) - 450 x 200 x 260 mm
Chassis weight - 12 kg
14-slot PXIe chassis CH-14