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Chassis 6 slots CH-06 AXIe-1

Chassis 6 slots CH-06 AXIe-1
Item article:

The 6-slot CH-06 AXIe-1 chassis is designed to accommodate the AXIe-1 system module in the first slot and up to five AXIe-1 tool modules in the remaining slots.

The chassis provides modules:

  • electric power supply 48 V DC;
  • information communication via the Ethernet interface of the tool modules with the system module;
  • the physical address code of the module inside the chassis (individual for each slot).
  • 12 LVDS-M trigger event signals and 100 MHz clock speed.

The chassis is used as part of information measurement systems based on the AXIe-1 backbone.

Number of free slots (number of free slots for placement of AXIe-0/AXIe-1 tool modules) - 6 (5) Built-in power supply -48 V 2700 W
Power dissipation 350 W / slot
AXIe 1.0 Specification basic architecture Integrated chassis management controller (ShMC) with IPMI 2.0 support
Distributed PCIe interface (Gen3x4 for each slot) Distributed 1 Gbit Ethernet LAN for each slot
Support for all features of the AXIe - 1 standard for inter-module synchronization, including a 62-bit local bus between tool slots 62-differential local bus pairs for transmitting data between adjacent modules
Module supply voltage-48 V Integrated fan unit with programmed fan speed control:
  • number of fans-6;
  • number of operating modes– 4 (100, 70, 50, 30 % air exchange);
  • the maximum capacity of a single fan is 52.06 CFM (cubic feet per minute);
  • total flow through the chassis – 312.36 CFM
Synchronization and trigger signals: 100 MHz clock, 100 MHz PCIe clock (FCLK), point-to-point star-trigger architecture from the system slot (SYNC), bidirectional point - to-point star-trigger architecture (STRIG) , and 12 parallel trigger bus signals (TRIG)
The electrical insulation of the chassis power supply circuits relative to the chassis can withstand a test voltage of 1500 V RMS AC with a frequency of 50 Hz under normal conditions without breakdown or surface overlap The electrical insulation resistance of the 48 V power supply circuits relative to the chassis housing and logic ground is at least 10 MOhm at a test voltage of no more than 100 ± 15 V
Electrical insulation resistance of the chassis mains supply circuits relative to the chassis-at least 20 MOhm Electrical resistance between the protective ground contact and the metal parts of the chassis-no more than 0.5 Ohm
Chassis 6 slots CH-06 AXIe-1