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MezaBOX-4M LXI is a device that ensures the functioning of various mezzanine modules installed in it (up to 4 pcs.), Under the control of a personal computer via USB2.0 or ETHERNET 10/100/1000 Base T (local area network LAN) personal computer. MezaBOX-4M LXI is intended for use as a mezzanine carrier in multichannel systems for collecting / issuing information of both digital and analog form.

The main function of the device is to accumulate a large amount of information in the form of binary codes coming from mezzanines at high input frequencies and a large number of channels when it is not possible to process data in real time.

In the mode of issuing information on the mezzanines, the device provides the output of data recorded in its internal memory at predetermined time intervals in a single time grid to the specified mezzanines.

The device performs batch buffering of data from dissimilar mezzanines with data binding to a single time grid and provides access to the current (obtained at the last time) measurement results on any channel.

The device provides interaction with an external personal computer via USB2.0 (high-speed mode) or ETHERNET 10/100/1000 Base T (IEEE 802.3) interfaces based on messages that comply with the IEEE 488.2 GPIB standard. The device complies with the “C” class of LXI devices according to IEEE 1588 standard and USBTMC-USB488 (USB Test and Measurement Device) device class.

The number of installed mezzanines - up to 4 ETHERNET Interface Specifications
  • interface type - 10Base-T / 100, Base-T / 1000 Base-T, SFP Fiber optics ETHERNET 1000 Base-X;
  • mode - Full duplex;
  • interface speed - 10/100/1000 Mb / s;
  • number of channels - 1;
  • Auto-MDIX mode of operation;
  • Auto-Negotiation mode of operation;
  • the presence of a built-in WEB interface
  • to manage module settings when operating in a local network;
  • LAN connector type RJ45;
  • Plug & Play support for PC
USB device interface specifications
  • interface type - USB 2.0;
  • USB mode - High Speed (supports full speed mode);
  • interface speed - 480 Mb / s;
  • number of channels 1;
  • USB Type B Connector
  • USBTMC-USB488 device class (USB Test and Measurement Class);
  • Plug & Play support for PC
Technical Specifications of Mezzanine Communication Interface
Features of the mezzanine management interface:
  • the number of bits of the control bus - 16 bits;
  • the number of bits of the address bus - 5 bits;
  • recording cycle duration - from 160 to 187 ns;
  • minimum reading cycle time 160 ns
SDRAM memory for exchange with mezzanines - 252 Mb