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14-slot chassis CH-14 AXIe-1

14-slot chassis CH-14 AXIe-1
Item article:
Supports installation of up to 13 standard modules
AXIe-0 / AXIe-1

The CN-14 AXIe-1 chassis is designed to accommodate the system module in it, in the seventh slot and up to 13 AXIe-0 / AXIe-1 instrumental modules placed in the remaining slots.

The chassis is used as part of information measuring systems based on the AXIe-1 trunk.

Number of free slots (number of free slots for accommodating AXIe-0 / AXIe-1 tool modules) - 14 (13) Integrated -48 V 5400 W power supply (up to 385 W / slot)
AXIe 1.0 Specification Base Architecture Integrated Chassis Management Controller (ShMC) with IPMI 2.0 support
Distributed PCIe Interface (Gen 3 x4 for each slot) Distributed 1 Gbit Ethernet LAN for each slot
Supports all AXIe-1 intermodule synchronization capabilities, including a 62-bit local bus between instrument slots 62-differential local bus pairs for transferring data between adjacent modules
Module supply voltage - 48 V Built-in fan unit with hardware support (from the button) and software control of the fan speed:
  • number of fans - 12;
  • number of operating modes - 4 (100, 70, 50, 30% of air exchange);
  • maximum performance of one fan - 52.06 CFM (cubic feet per minute);
  • total flow through the chassis - 624 CFM
Synchronization and trigger signals: clock 100 MHz, 100 MHz PCIe clock (FCLK), point-to-point architecture star-trigger from the system slot (SYNC), bidirectional point-to-point architecture star-trigger (STRIG), and 12 signals of the parallel trigger bus (TRIG)
The electrical insulation of the chassis power supply circuits relative to the chassis can withstand without breakdown and surface overlap a test voltage of 1,500 V rms of alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz under normal conditions The insulation resistance of the 48 V power supply circuits relative to the chassis chassis and logical ground is at least 10 MOhm at a test voltage of not more than 100 ± 15 V
The insulation resistance of the mains supply circuits of the chassis relative to the chassis is not less than 20 MOhm The electrical resistance between the protective earth terminal and the metal parts of the chassis is not more than 0.5 Ohm
14-slot chassis CH-14 AXIe-1