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Single-slot BOX AXIe-1 chassis

Single-slot BOX AXIe-1 chassis
Item article: BOX AXIe-1
One-slot chassis BOX AXIe-1 is designed to accommodate one instrument module of the AXIe-1 standard. The chassis with the instrumentation module can be used as a stand-alone measuring device or as part of information measuring systems based on the AXIe-1 bus.
Chassis type - AXIe - 1. Number of free slots (number of free slots for placing instrument modules AXIe-0 / AXIe-1) - 1
AXIe 1.0 Specification Basic Architecture. The chassis does not require additional software installation, allowing direct access to the AXIe measurement module installed in the chassis.
PC connection (UpLink port) - PCIe x8 cable standard
The exchange of information streams is carried out via the PСIe Gen3 x4 lanes interface
Maximum system bandwidth - 64 Gb / s bidirectional streams (32 Gb / s one way, 4 lanes at 8 Gb / s)
Control over 1 Gbit Ethernet LAN possible Module supply voltage - 48 V
Integrated fan unit Selection of the source of reference frequencies for the functioning of the AXIe module - internal frequency or external frequency from the connector on the chassis
Possibility of the module registering trigger events arriving through the connector on the chassis The electrical isolation of the mains supply circuits of the chassis relative to the case withstands without breakdown and surface overlap a test voltage of 1500 V rms AC with a frequency of 50 Hz under normal conditions
Possibility of generating trigger events by the module to the external chassis connector
Electrical resistance of insulation of power circuits 48 V relative to the chassis and logical ground - not less than 10 MOhm at a test voltage of not more than 100 ± 15 V Electrical resistance of insulation of the mains supply circuits of the chassis relative to the case - not less than 20 MOhm
Electrical resistance between the protective ground contact and metal parts of the chassis - no more than 0.5 Ohm
Single-slot BOX AXIe-1 chassis