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System module VXI Ethernet Controller

System module VXI Ethernet Controller
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The ETHERNET CONTROLLER module is intended for use as part of the VXI chassis as a system controller for slot 0 of the VXI trunk.


  • personal computer, an ETHERNET switch, or an ETHERNET hub to the VXI chassis via an ETHERNET interface;
  • a personal computer or USB hub to the VXI chassis via a USB 2.0 interface.


  • implementation of the VXI chassis slot 0 controller function in accordance WITH iec821 VMEbus Standart, Revision VMEbus Specification C. 1 and IEEE STD 1155-1992 Rev. 1.4.;
  • implementation of the VXI trunk subscriber (performer) function. The module has a logical address of 0 on the VXI bus.

The module operates under the INFORMTEST VISA library, which complies with the VXI Plug&Play specification.

Technical characteristics of the VXI module interface
The VXI interface of the module provides:
  • module device type - VXI register-based module;
  • full function of the Slot-0 VXI system controller;
  • Support for VXIbus rev. 1.4;
  • providing the dynamic configuration mode of the VXI modules of the chassis tools;
  • shaper system frequency and system reset VXI chassis;
  • VXI trunk arbiter function of PRI priority type;
  • VXI trunk interrogator function of ROR type (on-demand release trunk)
  • VXI trunk bus timer (WTO) function;
  • VXI trunk interrupt handler function of priority type;
  • Supported address space A16, A24, A32;
  • DATA TRANSFER DO8, D16, D16 BLT, D32, D32 BLT;
  • signal generator TTL TRG to any given line VXIbus TTL Trigger 0-7;
  • the ability to relay TTL TRG signals (reception / transmission) via an SMB connector to other chassis;
  • synchronization of several VXI crates from one 10 MHz clock frequency through the SMB type connector on the front panel of the module
Technical Specifications of the ETHERNET Module Interface
The interface of the ETHERNET module provides:
  • interface type - 10Base-TX / 100Base-TX;
  • interface speed - 10/100 Mb / s;
  • ETHERNET mode - full-duplex;
  • Auto-MDIX mode of operation (with automatic detection of the desired type of patch cable and setting up the appropriate connections, eliminating the need for crossover cables for connection);
  • Auto-Negotiation mode of operation (with automatic coordination of the information exchange mechanism between two network terminals);
  • the presence of a built-in WEB interface for managing module settings when operating in a local network;
  • number of channels 1;
  • ETHERNET connector type RJ45;
  • Plug & Play support for PC
USB Module Interface Specifications
The USB module interface provides:
  • interface type - USB 2.0;
  • USB mode - High Speed (full speed mode);
  • interface speed - 480 Mb / s;
  • number of channels 1;
  • USB Type B Connector
  • Plug & Play support for PC.
System module VXI Ethernet Controller