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Modular measuring instruments and ATE systems
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Basic features

  • Channels are galvanically separated from control schemes, source voltage and common (gnd) lines, frames (m-module case and mezzanine carrier case)
  • Mezznine can analyze following states:
    1. Digital (TTL signals, CMOS levels)
    2. Discrete ( closure, open collector, optoelectronic separation)
  • Mezzanine can work synchronously (polling period is changed by a program) or asynchronously (external lines of synchronization)
  • In asynchronous mode of operation mezzanine can save time of arrival of synchronization signal for each group relatively beginning of the measurement
  • Mezzanine has 3 groups of 16 information channels with synchronization lines.
Number of channels: 3 groups of 16 channels Maximum frequency of signal reception 500 kHz
The range of variation of the sampling period is 1 μs - 1 s