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Mezzanine Carrier NMNS AXIe-0

Mezzanine Carrier NMNS AXIe-0
Item article:

The NMNS AXIe-0 module is a mezzanine module carrier made in the AXIe-0 standard. The module provides the functioning of the various modules installed in it, made in the form of mezzanines. The NMNS AXIe-0 module is intended for use as a mezzanine carrier in multichannel systems for collecting / issuing information of both digital and analog form.

The main function of NMNS AXIe-0 is to accumulate a large amount of information in the form of binary codes coming from mezzanines at high input frequencies and a large number of channels when it is not possible to process data in real time.

In the mode of issuing information on mezzanines, NMNS AXIe-0 provides the output of data recorded in its internal memory at specified intervals in a single time grid to specified mezzanines.

The NMNS AXIe-0 module performs batch buffering of data from dissimilar mezzanines with data binding to a single time grid and provides access to the current (received at the last moment of time) measurement results on any channel.

NMNS AXIe-0 is used as a part of information measuring systems based on the AXIe-0 trunk and is installed in the AXIe 0 standard chassis on the seats of tool modules.

Number of installed mezzanines
up to 4
Launch of mezzanine functioning modes
  • programmatically
  • on a programmatically selected signal (any of 12) of the trigger signal bus coming from the AXIe trunk (external start mode);
  • by the “Start NM” signal from the mezzanine (asynchronous operation mode)
Mezzanine sharing interface
  • management interface - serves to configure and control the state of the mezzanine;
  • data interface - is used to read mezzanine measurement results in RAM and output data arrays from RAM to output mezzanines
Management Interface Features
  • the number of bits of the control bus - 16 bit;
  • the number of bits of the address bus - 5 bit;
  • recording cycle duration - from 160 to 187 ns;
  • minimum reading cycle time 160 ns
Methods for controlling the processes of exchange with mezzanines
  • control the sequence of arrival of words from the mezzanine;
  • control by DATA_VALID and EMPTY signals
Device sharing modes with mezzanines
  • synchronous
  • asynchronous
The ability to read current data with timestamps at any time without interrupting the process of the device
The presence of memory type SDRAM
Voltage and current limits for each footprint
  • 5 V; 2 A;
  • -5,2 V; 0,7 A;
  • 12 V; 0,5 A;
  • -12 V; 0,375 A
Self control mode
Mezzanine Carrier NMNS AXIe-0