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The FSK80-2 module is intended for use as part of information measuring systems based on the VXI-bus. The module is designed to generate a pulse command in the form of a closure of a pair of relay contacts (“dry” contact) connected to the contacts of the connector located on the front panel of the module. A pair of relay contacts and a corresponding pair of connector contacts form a command channel.

The module is a register-based device and has the dimensions C-1.

Each of the 24 channels of the module can operate in two modes:

  • hardware control mode for the pulse command duration:
    • the relay is turned on by the power-on command from the PC, and the shutdown is by the operation of the programmable timer;
  • program control mode for the pulse command duration:
    • the relay switching is carried out by PC on / off commands.
Number of channels - 24

Parameters of signals switched by the “dry” contact of the module:

  • maximum voltage 80 V;
  • maximum current 2 A;
  • maximum power 100 VA
Breakdown voltage of electrical insulation between any pair of channels is not less than 200 V 
Switch Element Type: Relay MSS62A12
Parameters of pulses generated in hardware control mode:
  • pulse duration from 0.05 to 3.00 s;
  • discreteness of setting the pulse duration of 0.05 s;
  • the error in setting the pulse duration is not more than 0.01 s
Closing / opening time of relay contacts no more than 1.75 ms