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The module is made in the AXIe-0 standard and is designed for static and dynamic switching of any of eight input channels to any of 16 output lines according to a specified time diagram or control commands received via the ETHERNET interface.

The module consists of two 8X8 programmable matrix switchers (input channels X output lines). This configuration allows you to implement the matrix 8X16 external connection of the same name contacts mating (cable) parts of the connectors X6 and X12. In addition, the switch configuration relay node allows for the implementation of 8X8 and 8x4 schemes.

The module provides the possibility of a complete shutdown (dry contact relay) of all lines by one command from a PC.

The module provides control of the state of the switch at the level of key driver control signals.

Switch Type - MOSFET Transistor Open channel resistance no more than 0.1 Ohm
Key leakage current no more than 250 μA Maximum switching voltage 100 V
Maximum switching current 5 A Maximum switching frequency 5 kHz. Minimum interval between on / off and off / on 100 μs
Isolation voltage between control circuits and switched channels at least 5 kV SCZ