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Item article:
The module is intended for:
  • for switching input and output lines in any combination.
  • for use in measurement systems based on the VXIbus backbone.

The module implements the structure of a matrix switch of the form: 100x4 (100 inputs - 4 outputs) - GM module 100x4-M.

The module performs the function of switching input and output lines in any combination.

The module monitors the status of the switch at the level of the relay control register (closed/open).

The module registers the number of trips of each relay and stores the results in non-volatile memory. The maximum recorded number of trips is equal to the resource of the relay without load.

Before resetting the counter (256 trips before the end of the relay resource), the module issues an interrupt request with the "end of the relay resource" sign, while the module provides the ability to get information: relay number, the remainder by the number of trips.

The module provides the ability to programmatically read the number of trips for each relay.

The module provides the ability to open the contacts of all relays on a single command from the PC.

The module provides the following technical characteristics of the switch:
  • switching voltage from 1 mV to 150 V;
  • switching current from 1 mA to 100 mA;
  • switching power no more than 10 W;
  • contact closing/opening time no more than 0.5/0.5 MS;
  • the level of noise voltage induced on any channel loaded with an equivalent load of 50 Ohms must not exceed the following values:
    • -65 dB for 100 kHz.
    • -50 dB for the 1 MHz frequency.
    • -35 dB for 10 MHz;
  • 10 MHz bandwidth.

The module provides verification of the main technical characteristics in the "self-Monitoring"mode.

The module provides the possibility of functional verification using an external cable by means of the module itself in the "OK disabled"mode.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 368.5 x 30.2 x 262.2 mm

Weight: 3.0 kg