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Matrix Switcher KCP AXIe

Matrix Switcher KCP AXIe
Item article:
The  KCP AXIe module implements the structure of a 32x16 matrix switch (32 inputs - 16 outputs).  KCP AXIe iis one of the key modules for using in combined systems for testing parameters of radio electronic units.

The module performs the function of switching input and output lines in any combination.

The module provides control of the state of the switch at the level of the relay control register (closed / open). The module provides the ability to open the contacts of all relays by one command from the PC.

Checking the main technical characteristics in the "Self-control" mode. The possibility of a functional check using an external cable using the module itself in the "OK is disabled" mode.
Switching voltage of direct and alternating current up to 100 V Contact closing / opening time 4/4 ms
Switching voltage and current frequency
  • 29 channels from 0 to 100 kHz
  • 3 channels from 0 to 50 MHz
Switched current
  • 22 channels up to 1 A
  • 7 channels up to 4 A
  • 3 channels up to 0.5 A
The electrical strength of the galvanic isolation between any input and output line, between any input line and the housing, as well as between any output line and the housing is not less than 200 V Resistance of galvanic isolation between any pair of input lines, between any pair of output lines, between any input and output line, between any input line and the case, and also between any output line and the case is not less than 100 MOhm
Matrix Switcher KCP AXIe