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Module RK27

Module RK27
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RK27 performs the function of a high-voltage switch of analog signals and connects any of the 27 independent output lines to the input lines forming the operating or measuring channel.

The module is intended for operation in the measuring system together with the BRK308 unit. RK27 differs from other previously developed switches by the Zettler relay, which withstand the voltage between open contacts up to 2500 V and allow currents of up to 10 A to pass. These relays can significantly expand the capabilities of the TEST-9110.

As a switch for the ТЕСТ-9110 installation monitoring system, it can also be used in any other VXI systems.

Number of channels
The maximum voltage value that can be applied for a period of not more than one minute between two input lines, between two output lines, and also between any input and any output lines with open relay contacts of 2000 V DC voltage or AC amplitude value
Maximum current flow when the channel relay is in the closed state
10 A
Closing / opening time of a switching element (relay)
1.2 ms
Insulation resistance between two input lines, between two output lines, between any input and any output line with open relay contacts between them 1 GOhm

Module RK27