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Modular measuring instruments and ATE systems
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Item article:

The module is designed to work as part of measuring systems. The module performs the function of a high-voltage analog signal switch and connects any of the 100 independent output lines to the input lines forming an acting or measuring channel.

VVK6-M is designed to work as a part of automated measuring multichannel testers of wire installation of a new generation TEST-9110.

The main technical characteristics of the functional part
The module provides:
  • connection to the control object of 100 output lines;
  • connection to any of the 100 output lines of any of the four input measuring lines: “Eo / Io”, “+ Ux”, “Ix / -Ux” and “-Io”
When the output line is connected to the input line, a channel is formed with the following characteristics:
  • maximum switching voltage (DC voltage value or AC voltage amplitude value) 1000 V;
  • maximum switching current 1.0 A;
  • maximum switched power 100 W;
  • maximum current flowing when the channel relay is in the closed state 1 A;
  • closing / opening time of a switching element (relay) no more than 1 ms
The maximum voltage that can be applied between two input lines, between two output lines, between any input and any output line when the relay contacts are open between them, no more than 3100 V DC voltage or AC amplitude value (effective value of the voltage of a sinusoidal signal 2500 V)
Insulation resistance between two input lines, between two output lines, between any input and any output line with open relay contacts between them at least 1 GOhm The module provides the possibility of functional verification of the main nodes in the "Self-control" mode 
Main technical characteristics of the interface part
The interface part of the module provides the following characteristics:
  • hierarchical properties - executor;
  • device class - based on registers (RB);
  • address space - A16 / A24;
  • data format - D32;
  • dynamic / static addressing of the VXI device;
  • model code - A18A h;
  • the required memory capacity is 8192 bytes;
  • electrical specifications in accordance with IEEE Std 1155-1992