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Modular measuring instruments and ATE systems
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The module serves as a high-voltage matrix switch for analog signals and connects any of the 300 independent output lines to the input lines forming the operating or measuring channel. The module is designed to work in the automated multi-channel cable testers of the TEST-9110-AXIe series.

The module complies with the requirements of the AXIe-0 standard to the AXIe-0 bus modules.

Based on the AXIe VKK module, up to 1500 channels of the TEST-9110-AXIe cable tester are accommodated in a 6-slot AXIe rake, in a 14-slot crossover it is easy to place 3900 channels.

Main technical characteristics of the interface part
The interface part of the AXIe-0 trunk module is based on the Cortex M4 processor and provides the following Base interface (LAN) characteristics:
  • interface type - 10Base-TX / 100Base-TX;
  • interface speed - 10/100 Mb / s;
  • ETHERNET mode - full-duplex;
  • Auto-Negotiation mode of operation (with automatic coordination of the mechanism for exchanging information between two network terminals);
  • the presence of a built-in WEB interface for managing module settings.
The main technical characteristics of the functional part
The module provides:
  • connection to the object of control of 300 output lines;
  • connection to any of 300 output lines of any of four input measuring lines: “Eo / Io”, “+ Ux”, “Ix / -Ux” and “-Io”
When the output line is connected to the input line, a channel is formed with the following characteristics:
  • maximum switching voltage (DC voltage value or AC voltage amplitude value) 1000 V;
  • maximum switching current 0.5 A;
  • maximum switched power 10 W;
  • maximum current flowing when the channel relay is in the closed state 1 A;
  • closing / opening time of a switching element (relay) no more than 1 ms.
The maximum voltage that can be applied between two input lines, between two output lines, between any input and any output line when the relay contacts are open between them, no more than 2120 V DC voltage or 1500 V AC amplitude (2120 VDC and 1500 VAC)
The module provides the possibility of functional verification of the main nodes in the "Self-control" mode Insulation resistance between two input lines, between two output lines, between any input and any output line with open relay contacts between them at least 1 GOhm
The module provides the possibility of a functional check using external cables by means of the module itself in the “OK disconnected” mode
To connect to the object of control on the front panel there are sockets "OUTPUTS 1-50", "OUTPUTS 51-100", "OUTPUTS 101-150", "OUTPUTS 151-200", "OUTPUTS 201-250", "OUTPUTS 251-300 »Type manufactured by Positronic Industries The supply voltage of the module is -48V + 0.25 / -0.125 V. The current consumed through the "-48 V" circuit:
  • peak (IPm) 2.8 A;
  • dynamic (IDm) 2.2 A.
Overall dimensions 280 x 30.48 x 322.75 mm Weight 3.0 kg.