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Automated high-voltage measuring system for installation control in AXIe version

The multichannel high-voltage measuring control system of the TEST-9110 series is a modular system for automated quality control of the installation of harnesses at the production stages, during and after the laying and installation of the cable network on the product and during operation.

TEST-9110-AXIe is a modern modular system capable of:

  • quality control of harnesses and connections;
  • reproduction of voltage and strength of direct and alternating current;
  • measurement of voltage and strength of direct and alternating current;
  • measurement of rms voltage and alternating current;
  • DC resistance measurement;
  • circuit resistance measurement;
  • insulation resistance measurement;
  • check of insulation strength;
  • measurement of electrical capacity;
  • checking the integrity of the pn junction;
  • active probe mode for measuring and identifying circuits in complex cables, cabinets, harnesses, etc.
The system is used in a wide range of industrial processes to control:
  • cable networks of complex and critical objects,
  • unmounted printed circuit boards,
  • the quality of the installation of electrical units before the first inclusion in critical systems,
  • quality of manufacture of complex harnesses.
The system also makes it possible to speed up the process of harness production by reducing the time spent on checking them.

The minimum system version of the AXIe-0 version consists of 300 channels and then it is freely scalable to 120,000 channels (with a step of 300 channels when using the VVK-AXIe switch, or in another step when using various switches made in open standards).

At the request of the consumer, TEST-9110-AXIe is completed with a patch panel for communication with the controlled object. The panel can be standard (connectors 6P100) or customized (according to the customer's specifications). This approach ensures the preservation of the set of adapter cables when implementing TEST-9110-AXIe instead of old systems.

The main executive modules that make up TEST-9110-AXIe are:
  1. Installation UPEM, which conducts all measurements and forms the test voltage supplied to the test object. In terms of its capabilities, it is a  device performs the function of a high-precision LCR meter, a precision source of alternating and direct voltage.
  2. The VVK-AXIe switch provides switching of the meter to the tested channel and automation of tests. VVK-AXIe is a 2x300 high-voltage matrix switcher and provides switching of alternating voltage up to 1500V and direct voltage up to 2120V. This switch uses a new generation of relays from KOTO (Japan) providing an unprecedented number of guaranteed operations (500 million or more). High quality connections are ensured by Positronics connectors installed on the front of the VVK-AXIe module. The VVK-AXIe module managed to accommodate a number of switching channels equal to 300. This made it possible to create portable versions of TEST-9110-AXIe with up to 1500 channels in a 6-slot AXIe chassis.
  3. Ethernet module of the CM AXIe-0 controller. The system module CM AXIe-0 performs the function of information and technical interaction with the operator's personal computer. Thanks to the Ethernet connection, a high-speed connection to the system is provided, and it is also possible to link several systems into one measuring complex using Ethernet switches and routers.
  4. The AXIe chassis accommodates all modules included in the TEST-9110-AXIe. For systems with a small number of measurement channels (up to 300), a 6-slot chassis is used. Further, with an increase in the number of channels, chassis of 9 (up to 2400 channels) and 14 (up to 3900 channels) are used. Accordingly, in case of incomplete filling, there may be free spaces in subracks of any type. With the number of channels more than 3900 TEST-9110-AXIe is easily scalable and includes several AXIe chassis that can be assembled into racks. The systems, which are based in 6 and 9 slot racks, are mobile and can be easily carried by the user.
In TEST-9110-AXIe systems, both two-wire and four-wire measurement circuits can be implemented. In a four-wire measurement, the switch channels are used in pairs.

Unlike other systems of a similar purpose, the architecture based on the open standard AXIe allows you to add any AXIe devices from different manufacturers to the TEST-9110-AXIe, thereby easily expanding the capabilities of the system (you can add testing of relay blocks, digital oscilloscopes, analyzers, etc.).

TEST-9110-AXIe systems are controlled by the top-level software AFC-9110 of our own design.

This software package allows you to:
  • Monitoring the internal state of the system and its modules. If there are defects, the program informs the operator of the location of incorrectly working modules and gives a hint about the cause of the malfunction.
  • A set of cyclograms for creating your own test algorithms.
  • Control and installation of electrical test parameters through a convenient and intuitive software interface.
  • Net description and import of netlists from PCAD 4.5, ORCAD and ACCEL ASCII formats.
The entire description of checks created in the AFK-9110 software is saved in a single file, including descriptions of circuits and connections. To control the integrity of the files, a CRC32 checksum is used, which is also immediately visible to the operator (for accounting for files of checks at the enterprise). The file of checks can be saved with a password, without specifying which only execution is possible, and all corrections are closed. To check the correctness of all descriptions, there is a simulation mode in which the user program is executed without output to the hardware.

Unlike analogs, the AFK-9110 software does not require a programmer to write control programs. All work can be performed by a shop technologist. AFK-9110 software is one of the main advantages of TEST-9110-AXIe, providing convenience and speed of production preparation.

Description of characteristics
Value Limits of permissible error
DC voltage reproduction ranges Uv, V 0,1 to 30
25 to 100
101 to 2120
AC voltage reproduction range (RMS) with a frequency of 50 Hz, V 25 to 1500 ±2%
Ranges of reproduction of direct current strength of positive and negative polarity Iv, mA 0,1 to 100
100 to 1000
Setting range of test voltage holding time T, s от 1 to 600 ±(0,02•Т+0,1)
Measuring range of electrical capacity, μF от 1•10-4 to 10 inclusive
10 to 1•104
Measurement range of electrical resistance to direct current Rmeas in a two-wire circuit, Ohm
1•10-1 to 1•106 ±(0,002•Rизм + 0,2)for systems with the number of channels up to 4600 inclusive
±(0,004•Rизм + 0,2) for systems with more than 4600 channels
Range of measurements of electrical resistance to direct current Rmeas according to the four-pass circuit, Ohm 1•10-3 to 1•106 ±(0,002•Rизм + 0,002) for systems with the number of channels up to 4600 inclusive
±(0,004•Rизм + 0,002) for systems with more than 4600 channels
Insulation resistance measurement range Rmeas, Ohm 1•105 to 1•1010 ±(2+Rизм /Uисп) for systems with the number of channels up to 4600 inclusive
±(4+2•Rизм /Uисп) ) for systems with more than 4600 channels
DC voltage measurement range Umeas, V -0,1 to 0,1
-1 to 1
-10 to 10
-100 to 100
-700 to 700
±(0,002•Uизм + 0,0002)
±(0,002• Uизм + 0,002)
±(0,002• Uизм + 0,02)
±(0,002• Uизм + 0,2)
±(0,003• Uизм + 0,3)
Current measurement range (insulation leakage current) Imeas, μA 1 to 7000 ±(0,05•Iизм+2)