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Modular measuring instruments and ATE systems
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Automated Control System
Automated Control System (ATE-NASK) ATE-NASK is a universal solution for the tasks of service, as well as production support and control of parameters of radio-electronic units electronic equipment. 
The maximum level of automation of the process of carrying out checks of electronic units due to the use of a switching system.

One ATE-NASK system can carry out sequential checks of more than 100 different radio electronic units.

The ATE-NASK automated control system is a hardware and software complex designed for automated control (including incoming control) of the technical condition of the electronic equipment units, the electrical network.

The main hardware of NASK systems Choosing an open international modular standard The implementation of NASK in the AXIe standard is: Basic model of NASK developed by Informtest holding

Specification of the measuring equipment of the base NASK complex contains:
1. MGVCH - Digital high-frequency generator;
2. Upconverter 10 GHz LXI Frequency carrier upward;
3. Downconverter 10 GHz LXI Downward frequency carrier;
4. MOS2 - Digitizer (digital oscilloscope);
5. MFOCH - Reference frequency source;
6. DPNA-6G AXIe - Vector network analyzer;
7. MGKS - Digital high-frequency generator;
8. MOSTS6 - Digital oscilloscope;
9. RF Switch-26,5G AXIe - Switch of microwave signals;
10 МN4В - Instantaneous voltage meter;
11. MTSMM1 - Digital multimeter;
12. MRS4 - Mezzanine RS interfaces;
13. RK100x4 AXIe - Switch;
14. VVK AXIe - High-voltage switch;
15. MFSK-24E - "dry contact" generator;
16. MP-8012 AXIe-0 - DC power supply. current.
17. Arinc429 - Interface board
18. MRS - Implementation of RS232, RS485 protocols

The modules are installed in a 14-slot AXIe crate CH-014 AXIe-0 with a SMGS AXIe-0 LAN controller. All mezzanine modules are installed on modules carriers of NMNS AXIe-0 mezzanines. Unification of modular devices in different standards Combining subracks of different standards Switching system Connection adapter kit The main competitive advantages of NASK of the new generation Possibility of installing switches and measuring modules in one shassi.

All modular equipment is designed in open international standards AXIe, VXI and LXI. The ability to expand functionality by adding functional modules to the existing control and measurement system. Capable of making high-precision measurements using internal trigger lines. Reduced test time due to the use of modern modular equipment and system management via Ethernet interface. The use of open source code when writing block testing programs and, as a result, the possibility of independent completion of test programs by the Customer.

Using modern operating systems (Windows 10). NASK Informtest software shell NASK Informtest software includes a Functional Testing System (SPF) module, which consists of: An example of the protocol of the prototype of the NASK Informtest software shell Equipment manufactured by Informtest Holding NASK of a new generation produced by Informtest holding: It is a universal solution for the tasks of service, as well as production support and control of parameters of radio-electronic units, electrical network. Uses modern operating systems (Windows 10). It has a common method of verification and calibration, thereby uniquely solving problems with inconsistencies in the results of checking electronic units during control by the Manufacturing Plant and during incoming control at NASK Informtest. Allows the Customer to create test programs without involving the Manufacturer NASK Informtest. They will allow you to automate the process of checking radio electronic units as much as possible.

Modernization will not require significant time and financial costs due to the use of open architecture and software in open source code.
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