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Gyroscopic devices test bench

Gyroscopic devices test bench

Test bench for testing gyroscopic devices

This test bench is used for testing gyroscopic devices.

Basic specifications:

  • DC voltage measurement. The function is implemented by mezzanines MN8I-50V.
  • Monitoring the status and duration of signals with powered relay contacts (positive and negative polarity power supply voltage) and signals with un-powered relay contacts ("dry contact"). The function is implemented MDS32 mezzanines. Control signals with powered relay contacts made through the built-in active patch panel optocouplers. This function is required to control the position of gyroscopic devices on the turntable.
  • Formation of control commands in the form of a pair of contact closure relay ("dry contact") with a maximum current of 10 A. The function module is implemented FSK40-10. Used to control the turntable

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