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Modular measuring instruments and ATE systems
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Block control system

The TEST-2602-01 product is intended for automated functional control of relay units and for ensuring testing in the CEA manufacturing shop.

The product is intended for use at enterprises producing and operating technical objects, for their control, testing and presentation to the control services and acceptance of finished products.

Reproduction of set values of DC voltage or DC current
2 channels
Measurement of electrical parameters: DC voltage, DC current and active resistance to DC power
Analysis of the state (closed / open) of discrete signal sensors
55 channels
Formation of control commands by switching 600 command lines on the "+" or "-" line of the power supply
Analog signal switching
600 input lines to four output lines
Switching the output lines of the DC generator and voltage, input lines of the digital multimeter, three channels of interrogation of discrete sensors and eight output lines of the system switch to the control object
Formation of power supply voltage with specified parameters of functional units of the control object
2 channels
Control of the output electrical parameters (voltage and current) of the power supply channels of the functional units of the control object
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