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Automated measuring system for functional control

The automated measuring system TEST-2602-02 is designed for automated functional control of electronic objects during their adjustment, verification and testing in the manufacturing workshop.

The system is intended for use at enterprises producing and operating technical objects, for their control, testing and presentation to the control and acceptance services of finished products.

The system is controlled from a desktop PC. The system software runs in Windows (32 bit).

The main functions performed by the system:

  • software and hardware imitation of exchange via SPI and PI interfaces,
  • analysis of the state of sensors with discrete output signals,
  • formation of sequences of binary codes,
  • reproduction of DC voltage,
  • software and hardware imitation of exchange via eight independent programmable channels of serial interfaces,
  • generation of arbitrary waveforms,
  • digital oscillography of signals,
  • software and hardware imitation of the triple channel of the MOK1 interface,
  • formation of management teams,
  • measurement of DC voltage, DC current and DC resistance,
  • switching 250 input measuring lines to 8 output lines,
  • reproduction of DC voltage and DC current,
  • measurement of instantaneous voltage values,
  • information exchange via a multiplex channel,
  • checking the system hardware by software.

Digital oscilloscope channel characteristics:

  • the maximum sampling rate for each channel is 200 MHz.
  • sampling period in real time is set in the range from 5 ns to 655.35 μs with a resolution of 5 ns
  • 3 dB bandwidth of each channel, not less than 90 MHz,
  • measurement ranges of instantaneous voltage values of each channel:
    • 50 mV,
    • 100 mV,
    • 250 mV,
    • 500 mV,
    • 1 V,
    • 2,5 V,
    • 5 V,
    • 10 V,
    • 25 V,
    • 50 V,
    • 100 V,
    • 150 V,
  • error reduced to the value of the upper limit of the measurement range, no more ± 1.2%

The characteristics of the channels for measuring DC voltage, DC current and DC resistance are similar to the TEST-2602-01 system.

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