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Testing system TEST-BA

Testing system TEST-BA

Automated measuring system

The automated measuring system TEST-BA is designed to check the parameters of technical objects of control in the process of their acceptance tests, to generate control commands for voltage of positive and negative polarity simultaneously through four independent channels, and through any of 16 output lines. The system is controlled by means of development and execution of cyclograms "Informtest SAT", which is also intended to display the results of measurements used in the development, production and testing of hardware.

The system is implemented in the open international AXIe standard. The general system switch TEST-BA-1600 is built on the basis of RK100x4 AXIe matrix switches, which connect 100 input and 4 output lines in any combination, and the KCP AXIe module, which connects measuring instruments built into the main chassis to any of 16 output lines. The supplied set of switching devices allows you to change the combination of input to output ratios 1600/4, 800/8 and 400/16. The system allows an increase in the number of channels by connecting additional chassis made in the AXIe standard to it.

The system performs the following main functions:

  • switching the input lines of the product with the inputs and outputs of measuring instruments and reproduction of electrical quantities, control command generators and DC power supplies;
  • formation of management teams;
  • DC voltage measurement;
  • reproduction of DC voltage;
  • DC current measurement;
  • reproduction of direct current strength;
  • DC resistance measurement;
  • AC voltage measurement;
  • pulse amplitude measurement;
  • measurement of pulse duration, rise time and pulse cutoff duration;
  • measurement of the period (frequency) of pulse repetition;
  • measuring the time interval between two events such as the front or edge of the pulse;
  • measurement of insulation resistance at a given value of the test voltage;
  • checking the integrity of electrical circuits;
  • checking the disconnection of the circuits at a given value of the test voltage;
  • measurement of electrical capacity;
  • checking diode parameters (voltage drop in forward and reverse connection);
  • providing load resistance using an external block for setting the load resistance.

 Reproduction of DC test voltage in the ranges:
  1. -30 to -0.1 V;
  2. 0.1 to 30 V;
  3. -100 to -25 V;
  4. 25 to 100 V.

The step of setting the test voltage value is not more than 0.1 V.
Reproduction of DC current in the ranges:
  1. -100 to -0.1 mA at voltages up to 100 V;
  2. 0.1 to 100 mA at voltages up to 100 V;
  3. -2000 to -100 mA at voltages up to 30 V;
  4. 100 to 2000 mA at voltages up to 30 V.
Измерение напряжения постоянного тока в диапазонах:
  1. -0.1 to 0.1 V;
  2. -1 to 1 V;
  3. -10 to 10 V;
  4. -100 to 100 V.
Measurement of insulation resistance in the range from 100 kOhm to 1 GOhm
Measurement of electrical resistance to direct current in the ranges:
  1. according to a two-wire measurement circuit in the range from 0.1 Ohm to 1 MOhm;
  2. according to a four-wire measurement circuit in the range from 0.002 Ohm to 1 MOhm.
AC voltage measurement in the frequency range from 3 Hz to 20 kHz in the range from 100 mV to 100 V
DC current measurement in the range from -5 to 5 A
Measurement of instantaneous voltage values, via two independent channels through radio-frequency cables 150 mm long each with a characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm for signals with a frequency spectrum from 0 to 50 MHz
Measurements of instantaneous voltage values are performed in the ranges:
  1. -50 to 50 mV;
  2. -100 to 100 mV;
  3. -250 to 250 mV;
  4. -500 to 500 mV;
  5. -1 to 1 V;
  6. -2.5 to 2.5 V;
  7. -5 to 5 V;
  8. -10 to 10 V;
  9. -50 to 50 V;
  10. -100 to 100 V.
Measurement on eight galvanically isolated DC voltage channels in the range from -100 V to 100 V
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