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About us

About company

Holding "Informtest" is the manufacturer of measuring and telemetry systems in open international standards AXIe, PXIe, LXI and VXI and since 1996 specializes in the development, manufacture, integration and maintenance of various control and measuring equipment, installation quality control systems and functional control systems onboard complexes, including the development and delivery of software.

Today the technology of open standards is the most widespread in the world and, according to leading Western analysts, in the next 20 years it will remain the basis for the construction of control equipment, test systems and workstations for telemetry, microwave, as well as functional control systems.

The Informtest holding pays special attention to the development of equipment in the AXIe standard. This standard is the most promising for the creation of modular measuring equipment of the highest class. According to the developers, the AXIe standard contributes to an even greater unification of modular meters for various applications in science and industry (the AXIe standard appeared in 2010 and incorporated all the advantages of the previous modular standards).

The main vector of the company's development is the priority of quality in absolutely all areas of activity. We consider this a guarantee of the successful fulfillment of the requirements of each Customer. The quality of work performed by the company is certified. The quality assurance of our products is confirmed not only in words, but also in the actual operation of our numerous systems with a 10-year warranty.

Areas of activity

For each of the directions, active development of new devices is being carried out and the latest open standards are being mastered, which have become the basis for the construction of all our systems.

  • Modular equipment and control systems for avionics
  • Bench test control systems
  • Functional and parametric testing
  • Equipment for monitoring the parameters of RF and microwave devices
  • ATE for testing microwave complexes for various purposes
  • Cable testers and testing the cabling and wiring
  • Telemetry systems