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The group of companies "Dipaul" creates and implements high-tech projects for the radio electronic industry in Russia. In the framework of this activity, the company carries out: 

  • Solution of key tasks in the creation of an enterprise for the production of radio electronic equipment for various purposes 
  • The search for innovative technologies, their implementation and adaptation for the radio-electronic complex of Russia 
  • Designing and building of industrial premises 
  • Modernization and re-equipment of enterprises to meet current technological requirements 
  • Scientific, technical and technological consulting 
  • Audit of industrial processes of enterprises, implementation of standards and quality control methods 

  • Educational and training programs for the electronics industry. 

Website of the company DIPAUL

Bee Pitron is one of the first companies in Russia and the CIS, which began activities on the technical re-equipment of domestic industrial enterprises. Since 1992, Bee Pitron has been supplying and implementing turnkey PDM / CAD / CAE / CAM systems from the world's best software manufacturers.

Since 1995, the company has been supplying electrical components, in 2000, Bi Pitron opened its own design offices and production.

For the years of its existence, Bee Pitron participated in projects of different scale. Clients of the company are large, medium and small enterprises of all basic industries, including aircraft construction, aerospace industry, automotive industry, instrument making, power engineering and others.

Website of the company Bee Pitron

The company "Global Engineering" was established in 2008 and specializes in the supply of equipment, materials and the introduction of modern technologies for the production of electronic modules for various purposes, to create a new production from scratch, and to modernize and improve the efficiency of existing production facilities.

The company successfully cooperates with leading European and American manufacturers of technological equipment and materials, industrial furniture, specialized tools, test and measurement equipment, participates in conferences, forums and exhibitions in Russia, the United States and Europe.

Website of Global Engineering

Ametek Programmable Power is part of Ametek Corporation and combines three well-known brands (Elgar, Sorensen, California Instruments) for the production of programmable power supplies for various applications. It is the largest manufacturer of programmable power supplies in the US. In addition to power supplies, Ametek manufactures specialized power supply testing systems for satellites and aircraft. These are imitators of solar batteries, simulators of storage batteries, etc.

Ametek is a dynamic and rapidly growing company, which has recently significantly expanded its presence in the European and Russian markets. The quality of Ametek products is traditionally very high, which is confirmed by the fact that the leading enterprises of the aviation and space industry of the United States have been buying Ametek products for many years and many custom-made power supply systems for space objects are built on Ametek instruments.

Holding Informtest is a distributor of Ametek in the Russian Federation and widely uses its programmable power sources to create its own systems for monitoring and testing space vehicles for various purposes.

Ametek Programmable Power website

Test Evolution Inc. Is one of the founders of the international consortium for the new open standard AXIe. The company has more than 20 years of experience in creating test systems for monitoring digital and analog ICs. Currently, more than 250 Test Evolution testers are working in the world (in the USA and South-East Asia). Test Evolution for the first time in the world began shipping testers for testing chips based on the AXIe standard and is one of the world leaders in this field.

Testers of the AX series are built on the basis of open standards AXIe technology for the digital part and PXIe or VXI 3.0 for the analog and RF parts. A number of models of these testers are provided for analog and RF part from Informtest. Holding Informtest from 1.12.2012. Starts selling new generation testers AX518, AX1018, AX2880 in a coherent configuration with the number of digital channels from 48 to 1248 and with a frequency of up to 400 MHz per channel.

Website of Test Evolution Inc.

In March 2014, an agreement was signed that "EL-SCADA" is the official regional partner of the "Informtest" Holding in the territory of the Perm Territory, for the supply of control and measuring equipment developed and produced by the companies that are part of the Holding "Informtest" ("VXI-Systems" Firma "Informtest") and has the right to install, configure, maintain and repair it.

The company "EL-SCADA" supplies measuring and testing equipment for enterprises of various industries: - primary transmitters (sensors); - Vibration monitoring and vibration protection systems; - vibration analyzers and dynamic dynamic recorders; - digital pressure scanners; - digital temperature scanners.

Website of EL-SCADA company

Business relationship with
foreign suppliers

VTI Instruments.

A distribution agreement was signed between VTI Instruments. And "Informtest", according to which "Informtest" became an exclusive dealer of VTI Instruments. in Russia.

A distribution agreement was signed with the firm Ametek for the supply of its products to Russia. These are various power sources and systems for simulating the power systems of satellites (simulators of solar cells and batteries).
2012 г.
Test Evolution Ltd
A partnership agreement was signed with Test Evolution Ltd in the field of creating and promoting a new generation of AXIe-based chip testers on the Russian market.