Holding «Informtest»
124482, Moscow, Zelenograd, Savelkinsky pr-d, 4, 6 floor

About company

"Holding Informtest" was founded in 1996 by a group of companies engaged in the development of ATE systems for aerospace industry, data transmission systems and space communication systems. The team of specialists was made up of well-known Zelenograd developers of on-board and ground-based space equipment.

The holding company consists of two companies, Firma "Informtest" and "VXI-Systems" Ltd.

Several basic directions of measuring systems were consistently formed, on which we concentrated:

For each of the directions, active development of new devices is being carried out and the newest open standards have become the basis for the construction of all our systems.

Design Dates

Start of development of systems of functional control of onboard electronic equipment.

The first development was the wire-tester for monitoring cable networks TEST-9110 M, which was mass-produced until 2005.


The first functional control systems appeared in the VXI 1.4 standard.

In 2003, the company began to produce the first telemetric systems
The first TEST-9110 in VXI standard was released
The first telemetric system for bench testing of engines
The first system for controlling digital equipment appeared TEST-6408 and the first RF system

The first telemetric system for bench testing of engines


Holding Informtest accepted in the AXIe consortium

The first AXIe system delivered to the clients

Holding Informtest currently have partner agreements with some international companies which allows to integrate some partners' products into our test systems and significantly improve the technical level of our systems. Therefore, we have extensive experience in adapting other modular instruments in VXI, LXI and AXIe systems and are ready to help our consumers worldwide. From 2002 until today, Informtest develops and produces a whole family modular instruments for analog, digital and RF signals.

Currently, "Informtest" serially produces all the most important components of VXI, LXI and AXIe systems. Firma Informtest and VXI-Systems Ltd. have licenses from the Federal Space Agency for space activities (in 2015 licenses have been updated) and has a certified quality system according to ISO 9001-2001 and GOST RV 15.002-2003.

Jobs in our company