Holding «Informtest»
124482, Moscow, Zelenograd, Savelkinsky pr-d, 4, 6 floor

About company

Informtest Holding is the largest Russian manufacturer of measuring and telemetry systems in the open international standards AXIe, LXI and VXI and since 1996 specializes in the development, manufacture, integration and maintenance of various control and measuring equipment, installation quality control systems and on-board functional control systems for the aerospace industry, including the development and supply of software.

Today, open standards technology is the most widespread in the world and, according to leading analysts, in the next 20 years it will remain the basis for building ATE, test systems and workstations for telemetric, microwave, and functional control systems for testing complex high-tech objects, such like spacecraft for various purposes, airplanes, engines, turbines, new types of microcircuits, etc. A huge number of different systems can be built from Informtest products, because all key components are mass-produced in the Russian Federation in own production.

Informtest holding pays special attention to the development of equipment in the AXIe standard. This standard is the most promising for the creation of modular measuring equipment of the highest class. According to the developers, the AXIe standard promotes even more unification of modular meters for various applications in science and industry (the AXIe standard appeared in 2010 and incorporates all the advantages of previous modular standards, you can find a description of the standard here) Informtest Holding - the first and so far the only one of the Russian manufacturers of instrumentation to conduct research in this standard.


Active development of new devices is underway in each of the areas and the latest open standards are being developed that have become the basis for the construction of all our systems.

  • Avionics Modular Equipment and Control Systems
  • Bench Test Management Systems
  • Functional and parametric testing
  • Equipment for controlling parameters of RF and microwave devices
  • ATE for testing microwave complexes for various purposes
  • Testing the on-board cable network and wiring
  • Telemetry systems

Design Dates

The first developments in the latest international standard AXIe-1, focused on ultra-fast systems

2017-2019 г.
2012 г.

The first developments in the international standard AXIe-0

Development of the first digital node control system TEST-6408 and the first microwave ASKD system

2009 г.
2007 г.
Development of the first telemetry system for bench tests of engines
Development of TEST-9110-VXI of the first modification
2006 г.
2003 г.

Beginning of development of telemetry systems

Beginning of development of functional control systems in the VXI 1.4 standard.
2000 г.
1996 г.
Foundation of the company. Start of development of functional control systems for on-board electronic equipment

Holding Informtest currently have partner agreements with some international companies which allows to integrate some partners' products into our test systems and significantly improve the technical level of our systems. Therefore, we have extensive experience in adapting other modular instruments in VXI, LXI and AXIe systems and are ready to help our consumers worldwide. From 2002 until today, Informtest develops and produces a whole family modular instruments for analog, digital and RF signals.