Russian measuring instruments and ATE systems

A new series of equipment in the AXIe standard from Informtest Holding

Dear colleagues!

We present to you a series of hardware and software systems in the AXIe standard - "High-frequency GSM signal generator AXIe" and "Modular spectrum analyzer AFM AXIe".

GSM AXIe is designed to generate harmonic sinusoidal signals with analog modulation (AM, FM, FM, IM) or without modulation in the frequency range from DC to 10 GHz.

ASM AXIe is designed to analyze RF signals up to 10 GHz. The main purpose of the AFM AXIe complex is the use in automated testing programs, research in the frequency domain of periodic signals of the HF and microwave ranges, as well as for analyzing the parameters of signals with analog modulation (AM, PM, FM).

The area of application of both complexes is radio engineering measurements, research and test work in laboratory and production conditions, testing of communications and other telecommunication equipment.

Specifications and more detailed information about each complex are available at the link: ASM AXIeGSM AXIe.