Russian measuring instruments and ATE systems

Informtest presents a new module P128C200M

Dear Colleagues!

Informtest presents you a new digital module P128C200M - the first Russian PIN-electronics device implemented in the open standard AXIe-1
The P128C200M module provides measurement and control of parameters of integrated circuits using parametric measurement methods, as well as functional and algorithmic control. The module implements a synchronization system that ensures the operability of a group of modules when they are installed in the AXIe-1 crate.

Modular design in accordance with the AXIe-1 standard, a high number of measuring channels and their precision characteristics allow measuring and controlling parameters of a fairly large area of ​​integrated circuits on the basis of one module in the AXIe-1 crate. The module synchronization system, built taking into account the signals and functions of the AXIe-1 standard, allows you to create systems of automatic test equipment based on a group of modules and air cooling, for measuring and monitoring microcircuits with a large number of signal outputs. The unified software allows for automated diagnostics and calibration of all parameters of the device, and also ensures the implementation of all processes of measurement and control of parameters during testing of integrated circuits.
The listed functionality and characteristics of the device are superior to domestic counterparts and are comparable to foreign products.

Key features of the P128S200M module:
  •     High number of measuring channels;
  •     High values ​​of the frequency of functional control, speed of data reception / transmission, memory capacity of the test generator;
  •     Support for synchronization of a group of modules in the AXIe-1 standard;
  •     PCIe x 4 Gen2 management;
  •     Ability to work in 4 frequency domains;
  •     Universal and algorithmic modes of test generators;
  •     Multiplication of memory resources for scanning mode;

For more details on the technical characteristics you can find the link